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  1. Florida
    Reached 75 pages on the last thread, time to do it up again! Can we reach 75 more before the end of 2013?!?! With Shadowdawg on our team, anything is possible!
  2. All Motor RSX
    All Motor *Chat* V9-No Gay Wheels, Chalkboard Hoods, Wink Mirrors & Bikeracks Allowed :jelly: User Name Posts BigWorm85 399 Donnie J 327 DC5KIM 168 k24coupe 165 TaC47 162 BOMrsxS 93 zer0c0000l 88 Koreo 75 abcfreak 70 Drewski's 29 Jeff122886 29 Dickbowlmidz 27...
  3. Member Show-Off RSX
    dont worry it just temporary, did it for the lulzz had a lot of compliments with these *** cakes on...from the girls of course ;) went to my little sister high school to pick her up one day, got more attention than i ask for:rotfl::pedobear: still got the volk these are just beater wheels
  4. Auto Talk
    Another quality fucking car. built, not bought. Embarrassing exotics/muscle cars on the track every chance it gets. vid Someone looking for "image" will not like this. To those people: yeah its gay blah blah blah, get the fuck out of here. For...
  5. All Motor RSX
    Turbo, S/C and nitrous guys have one, but not us! Lets get one started! I just got done a little tuning session with D-rob with my velocity stack. Car feels great. Broke loose a little in 3rd with him in it :vtec:. Running at Mason Dixon tomorrow night on slicks. And Ive got some Z1 cams going...
1-9 of 62 Results