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  1. The DIY Garage RSX
    Obviously this isn't every DIY on ClubRSX so if you know of one that you want to see up here just let me know and I'll add it to this list :thumbsup: Plus... lets be honest... the DIY section is filled with a bunch of threads asking for DIY's so hopefully this can help filter those out If you...
  2. Car Care RSX
    I have this giant burn (i think) mark on my headliner from the previous owner. its a burn or a brownish stain (know ill get plenty of interesting comments on that...) anyway, i was wondering if anybody knows how to clean it, get it off, patch it up, cover it, etc...THANKS! :)
  3. Engine & Transmission EP3
    Greddy N Megan Racing! *price drop* i dont have pix on my pc, it jus crashed, but im willin 2 send pix 2 email by my cell fone. Items For Sale: -Greddy Evo2 Exhaust $220 -Megan Racing Midpipe $100 I also have a test pipe im wlling to trade for a raceheader with the megan midpipe included...
  4. Auto X & Road Racing EP3
    Here is another schedule.... Sunday March 9 - 2008 Season Opener Test and Tune - Photos by Hector Rodriguez Sunday March 16 - Autocross Sunday March 23 Tentative Autocross Sunday March 30 - Autocross Sunday April 6 - Autocross Friday April 25 - AM Autocross School / PM Autocross Friday...
  5. Auto X & Road Racing
    For you guys who still have an itching for one last autocross. Susquehanna Region is hosting our last autocross at the Giant's Center Hershey Park lot. One of the largest lots in the northeast. Susquehanna's 9th Summer Series autocross will be on October 23rd (Sunday). Pre-registration will be...
  6. Auto X & Road Racing
    On the 15th anybody gonna be there?
  7. Car Care RSX
    200 gram pro sized clay bar enuff to do 20 cars 18 + 5 ship so around $23.. i already have an economy sized meguiars quik detail so maybe i can just order this big block?
  8. Exterior Mods RSX
    this came in the mail today :D i can probably do 50 pairs of taillights.. haha.. results of my redded tailights to come :)
1-8 of 15 Results