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  1. Base "CHAT" Juicy is having another baby girl.

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Hope the new title works couldn't think of much first post.
  2. my RSX was totaled by a 16 year old girl, so I got this...

    Member Show-Off RSX
    I was at a stoplight while driving on a highway next to my house, and some dumb girl on her cell phone hit me from behind totaling my car, i never took any professional pictures because I was saving for coils and was embarassed of my 4x4 mods on the rsx-s were: jdm header + cat, injen cai, buddy...
  3. If a girl gives you herpees....

    TV, Music, & Movies
    so....if a girl has sex with you, knows she has hepees and doesnt tell you, later you find out would it be okay to hit her?
  4. Stolen Part, stupid girl!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I can really use some help! obviously i am new here, I am also new to this whole custom engine deal. I bought a car already hooked-up from a dealership. I did not take the time to learn anything about the car. And so, I have had a part stollen during service and I can not for the life of me...
  5. girl gets fucked on rsx NWS NWS NWS

    girl being fucked on top of an rsx........just re-read the rules and no more link, sorry guys:o instead I give you this awesome link of the almighty 3rd gear vtakkkkkk:mam:
  6. My RSX and my girl

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  7. Help me get girl's phone #'s

    North East
    since my last thread didnt work.. i didnt know CLUB RSX didnt promote that. MY BAD.. Ok.. so here the thing. i need to find any girls around the wayne or morristown area or even in between their.. i have to do a show on '' the females behind the wheel" so if there are any on here please help...
  8. When should I call this girl

    The Birds and The Bees
    Alright so I hooked up with this girl on Saturday and she is really cool, down to earth, and has allot of qualities I look for in a girl. She has a really petite body and the sex was ridiculous. So we're laying there and she's like I don't want to be in a relationship right now because last...
  9. Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

    TV, Music, & Movies I paid $5 for the album, but you can even put $0.00 if you want to check it out. Awesome so far! This is Rock/Hiphop 300 samples in 50 minutes. Makes you bop your head. Thoughts?
  10. Girl ride along D1 Drift Impreza

    I'm bored and for some reason I cracked up so much at this girl freaking out during her ride along with D1 Drifter in an Impreza.:rotfl: Funny part of her freaking out starts at 1:33:
  11. HomelessEM2's Civic with CRSX Girl Modeling!

    Member Show-Off RSX
    Did a shoot for my boy Leon (homelessEM2) of his clean EM2, with Trish, (TVolpe) modeling with it...
  12. i want a jdm girl

    Canada East
    hmm, so i was at SPICE tonight for dinner, on east beaver creek, omg, they make asian girls with booty now.... =) no but seriously, wow, i must say, asian girls are BEAUTIFUL bump for asian girls bump for snoopy!!
  13. big girl caught speeding

  14. [VIDEO] The Roots feat. Patrick Stump - Birthday Girl

    TV, Music, & Movies Check out Sasha Grey (porn star) in the video...mmm:giggity:
  15. PS3 Thief Beaten Up By Girl

    Video Games
    Video She woke up, saw the robber climbing out of her window, chased him down, smashed his head in with an ice chipper The man stole PlayStation 3, a PSP, cell phones and videogames More woman than you could handle, that's for sure.
  16. $4500 Call girl? Guess my tax return is gone

    Canada East
    I dunno....She better atleast come with Season tickets, beer on tap and vtec for that kind of money. But i guess atleast we can Say Elliot had great taste, shes a knock out. Jamie is still sexier.
  17. Tips for shooting a girl?

    besides make her take all her clothes off. :D this girl wants me to take some pics for her for her portfolio, but i've never shot people. I promised her a few good pics, even if I have to edit them, and I'm not charging her anything so nobody here is expecting gold. I just need some very basic...
  18. In love with the RAZR girl

    Canada East
    First time seeing this commercial, thats one sexy lady. Me in love lol :thumbsup:
  19. vtak dun broke girl

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    its kinda weird, vtec doesnt work at all in first gear, and in second/third its intermittent. vtec engages but goes out and back in. also doesnt engage at 5800rpms anymore (stock ecu). anyone have any ideas? EDIT: i never rev over 8000 so i doubt i over rev'd
  20. The Machine Girl

    TV, Music, & Movies
    This makes it final. I'm moving to Japan. or