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  1. Griffin 92-95 Civic radiator???

    Welding, Fabrication, & Tools
    So I got this griffin radiator from a buddy of mine for basically free so I couldn't turn down the deal, it is a griffin meant for a k swap in a 92-95 Civic, I was wondering if anyone know I found it is possible to make this radiator work in my 2002 type s, it is a $400 radiator and they are...
  2. WTB : 02-04 RSX Engine Harness / Axles / Griffin Radiator

    Florida For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Text (954) 330-4730 if you have any of these. Located in West Palm and I'll be traveling to Gainesville and Orlando this weekend so location doesn't really matter.
  3. Blake Griffin Hyperdunk PE Sz10

    Everything Else
    I have a Brand New pair of Blake Griffin Hyperdunks in size 10. I bought these from the local HOH with the specific intent to sell, but I think I may end up keeping them anyway. These shoes will shine lightning bolts when taken with a flash camera, and the heel cup/bottom sole glows in the dark...
  4. FS Spy Griffin

    Everything Else
    I have for sale two pairs of Spy Griffin both pairs are in good to new condition only worn a handful of times and have always been stored in cloth case. $50 each prefer local in SoCal 626 area. All the info can be found...
  5. FS: Spy Griffin sunglasses

    Everything Else
    Bought them in the Spring and probably wore them twice. Guess I'm not a sunglass type of guy. So I paid about $95 for these after tax, they're labeled at 84.95. Make me an offer, need some money for my front end conversion. Sunglasses are in perfect condition, and comes with everything that...
  6. FS: Griffin iPod FM Transmitter

    Everything Else
    Used and in great conditions $30 shipped.