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  1. Northern Cali
    EVERYONE COME THROUGH! ALL CARS WELCOME!! bring your whole crew. Yogelato Car Meet. 6/27/2014. 8:30PM. 10044 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove, CA.
  2. Northern Cali
    Hello... There is a car meet every Friday starting at 7:30pm -11pm at the Lowes parking lot off of calvine and power inn, I would really like to see more Rsx's out there but any cars are welcome.
  3. Northern Cali
    Anybody from around the area interested in maybe bi-weekly meets? Or weekly meets?
  4. North East
    I just want to know about how many people on CRSX live in this Area on Long Island. So just post if you do and you can post what your car looks like if you want.
  5. Northern Cali
    Holla!! :thumbsup:
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove the carpet on the driver side? I notice that my heel of my shoe is making a grove on the floor of the driver side. So I was wondering what's under the carpet and can I fix the grove? I also notice that my window makes a horrible screeching noise...
  7. Mid West
    So I was driving back to the shop and I saw a silver RSX with Type R spoiler black painted 05 wheels with the inner barrels painted pink in elk grove, just wanted to say hi haha
  8. Mid Atlantic
    2010 Greater Reading Auto Expo @ Maple Grove Raceway Featuring: April 24 Drift Camp by Matt Walden of Import Intelligence Motor Cycle Stunt Show by The Anti-Team Car show and much more by Team KO Import Swap Meet April 25 AutoX by Blue Mountain Region SCCA We sold out of driver positions last...
  9. Northern Cali
    lets take another year and a half to finish off this thread! :beerchug:
  10. Mid West
    Im wondering how many people got this supposely 500 $$ gift card. I got a letter from them a few weeks ago saying that I was selected for this gift card and Im wondering if its one of those tactics where you have to spend like for example a 1000 inorder to be able to use the 500 gift card or can...
  11. Northern Cali
    Yep Yep, im looking to rent a room in either Elk Grove or Natomas. Im not looking for too much, just Good neighborhood, and safe part of town. I know a spot in the garage probably isn't possible, but would be a giant plus. Other then that, I have a little dog, and all my stuff can fit in a...
  12. Northern Cali
    I posted here last summer and got some interest so I thought I would post it up again. The house is located in a great new neighborhood in Elk Grove. The room is available for rent as of today, room is available either furnished or unfurnished. All utilities are included in the rent. Please...
  13. Northern Cali
    Does anyone know who previously owned the 2006 VBP RSX-S on the used car lot at Niello BMW in Elk Grove? I checked carfax and it looks clean but I'd like to know more about it. Mechanical condition, overall treatment, etc. Of course, the dealer knows (or claims to know) nothing about it. Thanks
  14. Northern Cali
    anyone know any shops in this area?? performance parts shops and etc?
  15. Northern Cali
    Anyone know how to install ebay fogs? Let me know. Thanks
  16. General RSX Discussion
    Does anyone know how to install ebay fogs? let me know
  17. Northern Cali
    aightskee lets get this shit started ya feel me. wheres the luv from tha capital city?!
1-17 of 22 Results