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  1. Exterior & Interior EP3
    $350 USD
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So, i changed out my radiator last week, not OEM , it came with a 0.9bar cap, i removed that and put my stock one back on. I installed everything alright, I also installed a KTUNED fan switch. . DIAGNOSE IRRATIC TEMP GUAGE MOVEMENT . TEMP IS NORMAL(UNDER HALF) WHILE NORMAL DRIVING. HIGHWAY OR...
  3. Turbo RSX
    Hey guys, So i already have another post under the username phong1986. I use to be an active member on this forum but for awhile was out of the tuner scene and wasn't able to login to this account. Finally got everything squared away and looking to sell my kit which was purchased on here a long...
  4. ECU Tuning RSX
    Trying to understand the setup. I have a V1 or V2 with a turbo and a analog A/f guage. Does the guage signal come out of Kpro? I want fancy digital guages and wonder how to hook up with Kpro. Currently an AEM, now wanting AEM Uego. So to add, Kpro is up and running, I just want correct...
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi, starting up the 2004 RSX yields a dead gauge cluster, with just the BRAKE and SRS lights on. I tried the reset process and no go. Also swapped the 7.5 fuse and no luck. Brought it to the local dealer, they unplugged and plugged the connectors back in, and said it worked. Paid for the...
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, just looking for a little help. My guage cluster seemed to have died?, but my brake light stays on? All my indicator light work (like all the display lights when you start up the car), everything works fine it's just that my guage cluster stopped working and the brake light stays on...
  7. Exterior & Interior RSX
    The cluster has approximately 138,212 miles, there are a few scratches on the lens but they could be buffed out or you could just replace the lens. I also have a wireworx harness for a plug and play conversion for 02-04 model years, no wire splicing required! I no longer need this since I...
  8. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    As title states looking for a 2 1/16th shift light guage. My stewart warner GUS just took a shit on me.
  9. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I just installed my hybrid racing fuel rail combined with the Marshall fuel pressure guage, now there's a small leak coming from the fuel pressure guage where it bolts onto the fuel rail. I tightened it as much as I could , is there a solution to stop this leak or should it settle ?
  10. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok so my temp guage worked before the shop install kpro... After they installed it my temp guage stopped working... The thermostat is good the sensors good.. Ect works... Idk what could be wrong I need help
  11. Problems & Solutions RSX
    ok so I've fixed my heat problem :giggity: only to run into yet another problem, my temp guage wont move the fans come on when they need to and such car runs great heat is great but the temp guage is stuck. any ideas why? im thinking I may need a new cluster so if anyone has a base cluster...
  12. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Selling my stage kelford b cams never been used still in box asking 400 Also selling aem a/f ratio guage never used 170 Glowshift oil pressure guage never used 25 Both guage with pillar 200 Text 661-873-5539
  13. Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Title says it all 281 236 5800. Works perfectly fine has wiring needed and comes with pod fit for the rsx. Throw me offers I need this off my hands. Prefer dealing locally but if buyer wants to pay shipping thats fine.
  14. Engine & Transmission RSX
    hoses used, brought $60 new asking $45 shipped water temp gauge $20 shipped went for an a/f guage instead txt 908.583.7920
  15. Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    i have a prosport boost guage with two ac vent guage holder 35$ each ship then guage holder allow the ac vent to work so u dont loose its function pic below
  16. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Found one locally. Thanks everyone :)
  17. Interior Mods RSX
    how can you change the lights of the guage cluster and a/c control lights? all of mine are red but i want them all changed because my cd player changes led colour if anyone knows how to change the led colour please let me know :) here is whati foudn someone charging to change them for rsx but...
  18. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Got a brand new one. Never used.. just a sligh crack on the surface of the face.. does not affect the performance… Got this for $77CAD shipped… Willing to let it go for $60CAD picked up… these are one of the best tire pressure gauges on the market right now...
  19. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok so this is gunna drive me crazy,....Couple days ago my tail light wouldnt go on because my #2 fuse kept blowing, The fuse only stopped blowing out after I disconnected the hazard switch. I figured my turn signals wont work if i did that but somehow they do perfectly fine...but now the problem...
1-19 of 186 Results