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  1. Everything Else
    I want to trade for rsx goodies. Black Neck through tremelo Inlays Comes with very high quality gig bag It is missing the lockers and bar still plays just fine tho I will add pics when i can. It wont let me for some reason. Or pm me your number and ill text you some Thanks
  2. Mid West For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Hey guys, I'm selling one of my guitars.  It's great, but I don't play it much anymore, and could use the money instead. It's in great shape; if you guys know anyone looking for a decent guitar, please show this to them! Asking...
  3. Everything Else
    i bought this guitar new a lil over a year ago its in great shape. give me sum offers and maybe we can make a deal.text me at 703-635-0953 if your really interested
  4. Everything Else
    Up for sale is a B-52 LS100 Head. Played in a local band for a couple of years and it stood up to the tube power of the peavy JSX (satriani signature) head/cab combo. I actually got more of the compliments on tone. Great head for starters, has a great tone and plenty of power for the starting...
  5. Everything Else
    its time to sell this stuff. absolutely nothing wrong with any of it, its time it finds a new home with someone who plays and jams way more than i do. everything has been used lightly, never gigged, hardly played. i have the instructions and original packaging for everything except the vox wah...
  6. Everything Else
    Im looking for an intermediate guitar/set-up open for trades.... I have a Squier Bullet im also trying to get rid of
  7. Everything Else
    Selling a LYON Electric Guitar Starter kit, comes with everything you need to start learning how to play. pm me for more pics $60 + shipping
  8. General Discussion EP3
    Is it to learn acoustic guitar? I've tried to pick up bass long long ago, so I have a very crude understanding of how a guitar works. Lately, I've been getting all these great idea's of songs in my head (and I have a basic mastery of reading/writing music) but I can't exactly put it into song...
  9. Everything Else
    I am trying to get rid of this amp I have, I stopped playing it back in high school and it is just taking up space in my basement. It is VERY lightly used and is in GREAT condition. Paid 650 for the head and 350 for the cab a few years back. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm in...
1-10 of 68 Results