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  1. Flashing handbrake light

    Problems & Solutions EP3
    Hey guys, Recently finding my handbrake light flickering mostly when I make hard turns (like at a yellow light or a on/off ramp of a highway) and sometimes when I'm going over some uneven surfaces. The timing of the flickering makes me feel it might have something to do with the suspension or...
  2. adjusting handbrake

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi is there any DIY for adjusting the handbrake ? my handbrake is grabing after 13 clicks.
  3. handbrake keeps jamming

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    idk y but everytime i pull my e-brake it james on... anyone know wat i can do to get rid of this anoying issue
  4. Leather handbrake cover and 9500ix IN-GPS

    Exterior & Interior EP3
    Leather handbrake cover, double stitched. Quality product to make interior of your car better looking. Price is 26.99$ + shipping. Only 6 for sale so hurry up!!! Pm'e I'm also open to trades ;) . LOWERED PRICE!!! - 19.99 shipped to you! Pix:
  5. Complete type r console mugen handbrake

    Exterior & Interior RSX
  6. Front Wheels Turn When Handbrake is pulled up

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I put on my winter wheels today and leave it in neutral and handbrake when I do all this. When I got to each of the front wheels and they were in the air, the wheels turn when the hand brake is up. Is this something major to repair? I replaced all my rotors to OEM rotors 7K miles ago. I also...
  7. replacing the handbrake

    Interior Mods RSX
    I don't see many people replacing handbrakes, even though I think the stock looks pretty crappy. I'd like to replace it with a nice brand like isotta and add a leather boot. Will that work?
  8. FS/FT:: JDM type r center console /w type r handbrake

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Selling complete center console, has boot but it's not a red stiched boot. I think it came off an ABP. Because jdm abp dc5 came with blue interior. Console is in good condition. Looking to sell together. Also taking trades. Located in vegas. Ebrake sold need sell console!!! 120shipped!!!
  9. Handbrake grabs abit too high

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    My rear brakes are brand new. I would like to know if theres away to adjust my handbrake so I dont need to pull it so high! if theres a way please help me out?? thanks
  10. JDM ITR handbrake.

    JDM Only RSX
    i jus got my center console. :D do you guys know where i can get the handbrake?:thumbsup:
  11. will it fit? 02-05 civic handbrake.

    Exterior Mods RSX
    i was wondering if anyone would know if the 02-05 civic coupe(EM) handbrake would fit on the rsx? i was wondering if the bolt that holds it down match, and if the cables hook up the same way. thanks guys.:thumbsup:
  12. Emergency Brake / Handbrake

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    When I sit in the car as it's parked on a hill, I can hear it creak. When I park the car, I leave it in neutral and only use my handbrake to hold the car basically. When it starts to creak or when the hand brake doesn't work as well as it used to, what is there to do to fix/improve it?
  13. Handbrake???

    Exterior Mods RSX
    has anyone changed the handle on their handbrake? if any1 has, just send a reply. If u did change it, where did u get it and what kind is it?