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  1. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    RSX type S, recently resurfaced rotors, rebuilt calipers, pads in fine shape (unknown brand), and properly bled. the issue has been around since before those things were done. it just doesnt seem to have any braking power for the amount of foot pedal effort. like it's virtually impossible to...
  2. General RSX Discussion
    Like the title says, what does your girlfriend/wife complain most about when it comes to your precious DC5? Your catless exhaust, your solid motor mounts that rattle like hell, your coilovers that squeak after each bump, etc.. :laughing:
  3. Mid West
    Thiz thread is bull shit. I didnt want salmon. I said it 4 times
  4. Southern Cali
  5. General RSX Discussion
    I have a whole '04 Si with 1,400 miles on it (roll over-junk title) and have the opportunity to get a '05 RSX-S with a blown engine. He wants to keep his tranny as well. Anyway, I need to utilize this Honda and was needing to find out if it is swappable. I did some part look ups like for the...
  6. Member Show-Off EP3
  7. Turbo RSX
    Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,855 User Name Posts JUANonJUAN 307 iBoost 174 BlK TyPe R 169 lightbulb 132 nineteendc5 96 sport102 83 DC5808 81 LimaRSX 80 MITeggy17 76 Jeff122886 50 1_BAD_RSX 46 monjarassi 46 turbo rsx 42 Fade2Black 39 Koreo 39 Perdonic 35 OneBadRSX05 32 prxr88 28...
  8. Mid West
    idk how to do post counts sooooo heres them from the last chat Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,854 User Name Posts Msorks170 558 RSlowXS 498 jahong16 292 G8way 143 adio3x 101 SilverS-STL 62 hellaslowteg 58 TeamDC5 47 Silver Knight 26 05rsxmgn 23 AxelTaylor 13 LiziDCfive 12 djswan 8 FoxFiend34 4...
  9. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I have a cheap component set. I screwed up, I know. I knew going in. But I was/am broke and wanted to install the whole system at once. I mostly hate the tweeters. They are harsh, and they are VERY directional. It sounds like everything is screamin' from the dash. I am using the factory...
  10. Problems & Solutions RSX
    ok, here we go. when the car is stopped,, its hart to put in gear, and all gears grind, especily reverse. when its in the gear but the clutch is still in, it makes a horrible whining noise until it get it moving, then it sounds fine, but its really hard to go from gear to gear. it only makes the...
  11. Part Outs RSX
    I <3 HELLA FLUSH HATER GONNA HATE license plate frame for sale. Frame is black with white and green colored font. $30 (shipping included).
  12. General RSX Discussion
    some keyed my car today.... from the back bumper all the way to the font bumper. so mad.
  13. General Discussion EP3
    Mudguards...more specifically mudguards on the EP3, love em or hate em? Personally I think they are great for EP3s not rocking a rear helps to bring down the bumper visually to much more complementing proportions in relation to the side skirts (04-05 EP3s) and front lip if present. Well...
  14. Problems & Solutions RSX
    So this all started last month.... i was driving down the road one evening and i take a turn and look up then all my interior lights went out, plus fog lights and running lights... get home and find that the "small light" fuse is blown under the hood, replace it a couple of times and it keeps...
  15. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I was driving and i was coming up to a light and this CR-V slams the brakes so i hit mine but i was in a tiny patch of gravel and bam.. my car like goes and her tire carring crap and that scuff my hood and her tow hook crap thing stabs my passenger side of the bumper :thumbsdow Is this Fixable...
  16. General Discussion EP3
    UGH!!! Removed center console..laid it out ready to paint. Grabbed my can of Dupli Color and stuck in screwdriver. Rotate..BOOM. Ohhh awesome, black spray paint all along my car. :firemad: :o :mad: Is it a pain to remove? Anyone had experience with this? Its been a day of things just not...
  17. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Anyone in the NOVA area trying to lend a helping hand over the weekend for a suspension install a month in the making and we still aint finished it. ES Bushing Kit, SPC Camber Kit's, Koni Yellows, and Eibach Springs, It's a friends car and normally this shit aint hard for me but everything is...
  18. Canada West
    This is what happens to n00bs
  19. Member Show-Off RSX
    meh. ill give it another try nd post it in the correct section another time:thumbsup:
  20. Problems & Solutions RSX
    never really took the time to identify every little part on the car over the years but wtf is the tech term for this? really hate sounding like a n00b but drawing a blank right now