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  1. New Member Introduction RSX
    First timer For Honda/Acura. Looking to this forum and it’s community for info and discussions about this car. Was decently surprised by its speed after beating a new edge Mustang GT lol After that I gave it a space at home. Has some things that need fixing to be restored, and if the answers are...
  2. Mid West
    Post count from last chat: Kevink121 393 Ransom 375 jamesl85 270 Sage0021 262 korney 197 sinzdc5 179 dc2kid 49 F_IT 46 ekhonda87 26 saytim 18 KrazyKarl 13 itskien 10 ohyeahitskham 4 silverpikachu 4 EDU 3 mikehelker 2 rellikdc5 2 Agent Smith 1 Last chat...
  3. New Member Introduction RSX
    What's up guys and gals, I just bought a 05 Type S with 97k on the ODO and BONE STOCK. Previous owner was a female who took it to the dealership for maintenance! Magnesium Metallic. I was previously in a 2011 TSX CU2 in vortex blue pearl and before that a 99 4runner that I built up. Excited with...
  4. Hawaii For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Hello and welcome to the Hawaii For Sale Section. This is where members can sell, buy, and trade items locally, all shipping related can go into the market place for better results. To keep things short and simple, I'll get to the point of this thread... 1) Please no resale of new product(s) or...
  5. Turbo RSX
    So i'm about to turbo my 05 base. As the title says, i'm wondering if anyone knows of anyone on Oahu who is competent with Kpro.
  6. Hawaii Because of this new law I may have to consider selling my rsx. I like the way my car sits and I really don't wanna mount my front license plate just so I can pass recon.
  7. Member Show-Off RSX
    Yeah so I have a base :P but I so wished it was a Type S. So I just put a few emblems on :P. Sad i know -__- Will be posting updates as they come. The day I bought it. Painted the rims and plasti-dipped the front and taillights and tried out a different place to put my license plate...
  8. Hawaii
    im about to plan a week or two vacation in hawaii beginning of july, just waiting on my gf to figure out how long she'll be able to stay out too. ive never been except for transfers from plane to plane heading to the philippines. can anyone recommend me things to do which is budget friendly...
  9. Member Show-Off RSX
    2006 type s injen cai buddy club headers greddy ws2 exhaust rbc intake manifold type r valve cover tein flex coilovers 18x9 varrstoen on 215/40 duraflex front lip
  10. Hawaii
    I'm coming on a trip to Waikiki for a week starting tomorrow. Anyone live around that tourist area?
  11. Member Show-Off EP3
    Finally and Member's page after being a member here so long :mbiggrin: MAGNESIUM TUNED This is my garage queen, car is rarely driven due to me being away for college and I manage to save and mod the car time to time during breaks from school Shout outs to all my friends who helped me out and...
  12. Hawaii
    hey im being stationed in hawaii about 20 mins out of honolulu, just wanted to know if the members out there do regular meetings or anything :D
  13. Hawaii
    Hey whats up just wondering who from crsx is military in hawaii
  14. Hawaii
    where are all the hawaii members at?
  15. Member Show-Off RSX
    Wassup guys! I just picked up a 06 rsx type s. I had a 2008 civic si. But totaled it. Bone stock Old car Totaled Update - Aug, 2010 Go Green
  16. Member Show-Off RSX
    Was originally scheduled on saturday but a tsunami warning canceled that, rescheduled to today... rained all day during the show until about the last hour...didnt want to get rain all over my new lens so heres some quick pics I took today with the stock lense equipped with rain drops Event was...
1-16 of 59 Results