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  1. Temp/Time for OEM retrofit?

    Lighting RSX
    Gonna retrofit my 05 OEM stock housings. But I’m stuck on what temperature and how long to put it at, from the research I’m getting around 220F also 210F but some say 20mins, some say 30mins some even say 10mins at higher temps, so I’m really unsure what to do. Also set the housings on a cookie...
  2. FS: Red Insert Door Panels, Blacked out Headlights, HID Ballast Pigtails, Type R Sill

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    - Blacked out headlights (no broken tabs, no leaks, working bulbs included) - $250 - Black Door Panels with Red Inserts (clean, excellent condition, no broken tabs) - $200 - Integra Type R Door Sills - $50 - OEM Type R Headlight HID Ballast Pigtails (never used, Honda part) - $50 Can meet in the...
  3. HID kit DIY

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Hello guys! Another easy DIY and this time I'm replacing the old HID kit on my RSX. Thanks a lot for your support! Please subscribe!
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  5. California FS: DC5R OEM HID Headlights, TL Brembo Conversion, Leather Seats

    Part Outs RSX
    I hit a pretty bad bump in the road which resulted in my engine block getting cracked. Selling these parts for now. Authentic JDM DC5R Headlights. One tab is broken (pictured) but it has no effect on fitment. The lens are in excellent condition and the headlights include all seals, even the...
  6. Best HID kit

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey guys, New to this but I got a simple question, what is the best HID kit to buy. Also is there anything I can get so the lights work flicker while driving on bumpy roads
  7. Splice in a second set of HID bulbs.

    The DIY Garage RSX
    I'm having problems getting my headlights bright enough. I have a HID conversion on my low beams with some replica projector headlights. I know it could probably be solved by buying a proper assembly but funds are a bit sort for the next month. What I want to do is install some hid fog lights...
  8. Help to figure out what HID I may be dealing with..please

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I purchased my RSX Base in 2014 and just this past month one low beam went out and then the other..went to change the bulb and did not know I was dealing with an installed HID kit or some aftermarket kit? Sorry to be such a noob and a pain to ask this but my brain hurts from looking at so many...
  9. Mounting hid ballast for fog lights

    Lighting RSX
    Anyone here install hid for the fog lights on their RSX? I have some Morimoto xb 35 for both headlamp and fog lights. I mounted the ballast for the fog lights by drilling a hole to the metal frame where the radiatior sit cause space is so limited..but there is a’s get wet from the...
  10. eBay HID Fogs

    Lighting RSX Just wondering what are your guys thoughts on this. Worth a try? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Virginia HID retrofits, JDM side markers for 05-06 RSX

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Selling a pair of never installed HID retrofits done by One tab was broken during shipping but I do have the tab, it was a clean break and could probably repaired with a little creativity. This set up from RSXretrofits goes for $850 shipped. I'm looking for $600, would prefer...
  12. Hyper blinking LED and retrofit HID... help relay no work

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey clubrsx So I just installed some sylvania LED to my RSX with retrofits running HID lights + a couple different aftermarket LED relays. I am not getting any power to anything. Low beams/High beams dont turn on and signals reverse and brake lights dont turn on. If I use regular signal bulbs...
  13. Found

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Looking for a beat up passenger side HID headlight from an 02-04 Type R. I just need the reflector bowls so cracked lenses or broken tabs etc are ok. I don't even need the bulbs/ballast Let me know if you have anything
  14. ✈️️ Get 2nd Day Air Shipping On ALL HID & Xtreme LED Kits ✈️️

    Lighting RSX
    ✈️️ Get 2nd Day Air Shipping On ALL HID & Xtreme LED Kits ✈️️
  15. HID's dim in RSX?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have now installed several HID kits in my RSX over the years and they have both been very dim. Either on par with non-HID or slightly less bright than my OEM headlights. Thing is, my friend had the same brand of HID's installed on his Civic and they're WAY brighter in his civic than they are...
  16. FS Seibon Max Racing Style Hood and 05-06 Retrofit HID

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Testing Waters of interest on my CF seibon hood(max racing style) Painted silver. Currently had a spot of paint flake off just above the exposed cf on the left side. 650. Also currently still on the car are HID retrofits with TSX projectors and 8K bulbs, one broken tab but still fit as seen in...
  17. HID Projector Issue

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Mods: I apologize in advance, but I originally put this in "Lighting". Thought I'd get better viewing here. 05 Base. Projectors. Maybe a year and a half old. Problem popped up. When I turn on the switch, sometimes the headlights don't come on. Sometimes one comes on...
  18. 05-06 DC5 Type R HID Install Help

    Lighting RSX
    I have an 06 type s I'm installing the 05-06 OEM JDM Type R HIDs on. I have the pig tails for the ballasts from jdmland. Each side has 5 cables per headlight on the stock Type S (as far as I can tell since the car was crashed and I had to figure out what the cables pertain to). I connected 3/5...
  19. I want to put HID bulbs into my '02 RSX Type S

    Lighting RSX
    So, going on over at I was looking into getting HID lights in my car, hopefully breathe some new life into it and make it fun to drive at night again. I want to bring the discussion over to here. I'm currently looking at getting a new housing...
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