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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I had a mechanic install two of these HID kits Two kits covers all 4 headlights. The headlights and highbeams work. The strange thing is that the DRL's (daytime running lights) do not work, even though it's the same bulb as the highbeams. The dashboard...
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    created a thread for member, provide some help if you guys can. thanks
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    It's been forever since I've been here. 1) yes, I searched. Didn't find any threads with my symptoms. 2) Issue. Drivers side "DRL" (yes, US cars dont have true DRL) does not work BUT the highbeam does. The passenger side is fine, operates normally. So I can turn on the parking lights and that...
  4. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Pretty much number 3. btw i need 2 of them
  5. Lighting RSX
    ok first and formost, i DID search. i couldnt find anything. so, my question is, where can i get the yellow highbeams that look yellow even when the lights are off? the only PIAA bulbs i found are like crystal white? and is it even yellow bulbs that make the highbeam part of the headlight...
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    The blue icon in the top middle of my gauge meter doesn't light up when I turn on my highbeams :confused: It worked maybe like a week ago I dont know if its a bulb back there I need to replace or something else. What do you guys think? How do I fix this?
  7. Lighting RSX
    has anyone ever noticed that right next to the highbeam bulb, there is a little rectangular hole? what is that for? possible DIY city light coming soon..:shady: havent seen it done on a 02-04 yet, maybe i just missed it
  8. Auto Talk
    Most people are going to say just go into the other lane, but what do you do if you're in a one lane road with no real shoulders? That's the situation I was in the other day. Some huge, lifted pickup truck was tailgating me (I was doing speed limit +5). He either had his highbeams on, or the...
  9. Problems & Solutions RSX
    so i had low beam projector hids retrofitted into my headlamps, and i just installed them myself the other day. i got the wiring harness from my retrofitter as well, and all i had to do was wire it to the battery and ground, and then plug it into the stock low beam plugs. so i did that, and the...
  10. The DIY Garage RSX
    i was just wondering, since both bulbs are h1,and we dont have a seperate coul in the bulb for high beams....... that would mean that somewhere in the harness in the engine bay, when we switch on our high beams....something just gives our highs some extra could i branch that power...
  11. Lighting RSX
    Ok, so I have the 6k McCulloch HID kit (which I've had no problems with and would reccomend after 5 months of use). I'm trying to find an aftermarket hallogen bulb that will match the color of my HIDs as closely as possible (I know it wont be perfect). Since they are my high beams, I dont mind...
  12. Lighting RSX
    Have any body have HID lights for there highbeam? If so what kit do you guys recommend and what is the size?
  13. Lighting RSX
    quick 02-04 rsx highbeam switch ground side or positive sidE? quick 02-04 rsx highbeam switch ground side or positive sidE? tia
  14. Exterior Mods RSX
    Ok when you have the lowbeams turned off, if you flash the hibeams, the lowbeams also go on. is there a way to rewire this so we don't kill our HID ballasts? TIA
  15. Exterior Mods RSX
    I'm not sure if too many of you guys are familar with the 2000 Model Honda Passport. I remember driving my dad's passport years ago, when I switched on the highbeams, the lights didn't get brighter at all, it only changed shades/tints. ( I know for a fact it was stock.) Normally the output is...
  16. Exterior Mods RSX
    I just installed my HID today. When I checked my highbeam pattern, they weren't aiming right!! Do ya guys know how to aim em right?
1-16 of 23 Results