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  1. Check vehicle history report before buying, 100% free!

    General RSX Discussion
    Hey friends, If you are planning to buy a used car then you should have a complete and detailed vehicle history report because buying a second-hand car is not as easy as a new car. Well, I have got a wonderful resource that provides you real-time detailed vehicle history report from a nationwide...
  2. Check vehicle history before buying - VIN Check

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hey guys, If you people are planning for buying a used car then inspecting the car correctly is the most important factor because buying a second hand car is not as easy as new car. Well, i have got a wonderful resource through which you can check and get car history report instantly. All you...
  3. Free Vehicle History Reports for all Car Makes and Models from Service

    Free Car History Report
    Hi, Club RSX forum members! We are the company, and we suggest you to get VIN reports from our company absolutely free! Hurry up, because the promotion will last for only 20 days! You definitely need the reports from EpicVIN service if you don’t want to become the owner of such cars...
  4. Thinking about buying this type s. Anyone know about its history?

    General RSX Discussion Wasnt sure what section to ask about this in but I wanted see if anyone knew this guy and or the car? Interested in it but hes had 760 views and no one snag it up. makes me wonder what the heck is the catch! anyways if anyone could vouch and or...
  5. History made. First ever launch of an Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) off a carrier

  6. miKrodot's car history

    Member Show-Off RSX
    I've been perusing the site for a while now, and since it's finally getting nice out where I live I figured I'd finally show you guys a bit of my past and present car history. I'll start off by saying I haven't had the best of luck with cars, I think the pictures speak for themselves. My first...
  7. Navy observing Black History month

    Military From paragraph 4: "As we celebrate the upcoming Black History month, here's something cool to think about: In 2012 and 2013, we will finally (for the first time) have two female African Americans...
  8. Bits of my 05 rsx mod history

    Member Show-Off RSX
    had it for about 1yr 1/2 and slowly been changing it up lmk what you peeps think. my buddy sold me hes jdm stern 3 pcs wheels testing my mugen replica lip kit all around and then i painted it .. got evo greddy exhaust, eibach sportlines springs, racing header got me some other...
  9. SpikeTV Alternate History... Anyone Watch?

    TV, Music, & Movies
    New show on Spike that aired this week. Called Alternate History. Where they do these "What If" questions. The one on this week was "What if Hitler had won World War 2?" Pretty cool show.
  10. Random leftover parts. Own a piece of RSX history!!!!!!!!

    Part Outs RSX
    Here's your chance to own a piece of the legendary OhSixTeg / SoloTeg RSX-s. 1. OEM Airbox + air filter 2. OEM windshield washer fluid resevoir 3. OEM spark plug cover (has acura symbol on it) 4. Front license plate bracket (I believe it only fits 05/06) Best offer for all items.
  11. Testing Water: Biggest TSX part out in history

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    As title, I'm parting out my car. You will not be able to find more JDM parts anywhere else and save money for a TSX!! Most of the local members seen my car. I babied it!! Please do not lowball me because I will just ignore you. Locals have dibs, if I dont get most of the parts sold I will NOT...
  12. Delete

    Cell Phones
  13. Your Gaming History?

    Video Games
    I know this is super-lame, but I saw it on another forum, and I wrote a response there, so I figured I would post my response here. If anything, reflect on your past and think about how it shaped your persona today: I think I'm more going to do this for myself to reflect on life. I am...
  14. FS: BBC Natural History Collection Blu-Ray (BNIB)

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    BBC Natural History Collection in HD Blu-Ray. One of the best HD sets ever produced. Brand new in sealed packaging. I got this as a gift, but I already have it. Includes: Planet Earth, Galapagos, Ganges, and Wild China. Retails at Costco and Amazon for $100 + taxes...
  15. ESPN Steak for the Cash 15: LOL @ no stars, celebrate Azzurri history month, GFY btw

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    nice L4 smokey :mam:
  16. My car history! Camaro-ScionTC(lol)-ABP TYPE S! feedback please! First showoff thread

    Member Show-Off RSX
    ATTN NOOBS: for all of you that have been hating on my red front lip, if you had read it was gone a year ago, here is a current picture of the car, no more red on the front lip or spoiler, and it has not been washed in a while. [/IMG] Sup guys, been on crsx for a bit but not that active, just...
  17. Military history in the family.

    Recently came into possession of the footlockers belonging to my great-grandfather and grandfather. Take weeks to sift through everything but it's amazing so much was kept. Something that caught my eye was this letter to my great-grandfather. Interesting to say the least....
  18. My Visit to the Natural History Museum, LA

    didn't have too much time to play with the settings, so alot were taken in auto. most pics are edited to get rid of the glare from the glass. C&C welcome
  19. The Simpsons Poised To Make TV History

    TV, Music, & Movies
    The Simpsons, TV's longest-running American sitcom, is on tap for at least three more seasons, The New York Post reports. "The cast is signed for three more years, so I would now say it's about a 90 percent chance we'll come back for at least one of those three," Al Jean, the show's executive...
  20. Any bank employees or IT people that can tell me about the history of ATM cards?

    Computer Tech
    I read on wiki that they came about sometime in the 60s... but how did they work throughout the nation? the internet wasn't around yet it obviously had to be a computerized system, didn't it? how did they keep people from hacking into the system and making their balances higher, etc?