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  1. Outdoor Items
    As stated above i have a set of mission hockey skates with abec 7 bearings in them. These things are extremely fast. Also they can be heated in the oven to mold YOUR foot. Which i have yet to do. They are a size 10 and in EXCELLENT condition. Price is 100$ you pay for shipping. These were 200$...
  2. Canada East
    Ok, show of hands who's interested in hitting the ice for an hour of shinny: CRSX style. Beers 'n' pucks and some good times... I can rent the training facility at Elgin Mills and Younge street. Basically the past few summers I've been renting for hockey training with some friends @ 150.00 an...
  3. Canada East
    just like the title says....
  4. The DIY Garage RSX
    I just blew my passanger motor mount, and I dont really have moeny to throw in to mounts that im looking to get rid of in a bit. With the passanger motor mount im looking to putting a hockey puck to replace it. Is there a DIY for this or is is even possible?
  5. Everything Else
    Gonna join my GFs brothers team, and gonna pretty much need everything. Skates, Gloves, Helmet, Shin Guards, Elbow Pads, Roller Hockey Pants, maybe even a new stick. If you got something, let me know, and give me a price, otherwise its off to ebay.
  6. Canada West
    With the season just around the corner and training camp less then two weeks away, I felt it would be best to get this chat going. Within the past two weeks the Canucks have beefed up their blue line and resigned Luongo. The terms are yet to be disclosed, but apparently between the club and...
  7. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    SOLD Hockey Skates for $120 Flat Long Story short... I went to Crappy Tire(i dont know much about skates) to buy some skates for my cousins bday. I had talked to a guy who worked there and he said these are good skates... even tho i mentioned that my cousin wanted to learn skating and stuff...
  8. Canada East
    please no immature BS (well if its somewhat related then fine haha) i want to get some good discussion going from those who actually watch hockey..not the ones that just regurgitate whatever the media says ill start off by saying that i have been pretty impressed by what burke has done so...
  9. Canada West
    :D Canucks win first game they will win tonite too
  10. Canada East
    ***********This is just a feeler to see who would be in to play on Friday. Only sign up if you can commit 100%************ :wavey: Back in the day a few of us on CRSX would get together to play ball hockey. Good way to shoot the sh1t and get a good workout. We didn't have any games last year...
  11. Canada East
    If anyone needs a goalie for shinny in the GTA let me know! :beerchug:
  12. Canada East
    Would there be any interest in setting up a RSX Ice Hockey Team? We could play in one of the leagues for Spring and continue this throught the year(s)? Just another opportunity to get guys out together and have some fun. Thanks.
  13. Canada East
    :wavey: Back in the day a few of us on CRSX would get together to play ball hockey. Good way to shoot the sh1t and get a good workout. We didn't have any games last year, so its back from the dead. Mark the date. When: Sunday November 9th, 1PM Where: Miliken Mills High School (7522 Kennedy...
  14. Everything Else
    Used, just sharpened, 7.5EE. Throw me an offer im thinking maybe 75
1-15 of 29 Results