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  1. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Searched the forum but couldn't find instructions on doing this. Not comfortable soldering wires so don't want to do the other alternative. I drive a base and would like to add an AUX port using the HON98-AUX, thing is I don't know how easy this will be to install. I'm comfortable doing it I've...
  2. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
  3. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I am going to Install the HON98-Aux adapter. Instead of using a RCA to 3.5mm cord I am going to use a RCA to 5-volt iPod cord. I am going to use an add-a-fuse to the cigarette lighter fuse(18) to attach the power wire. The ground wire I will connect the the empty screw that is just behind the...
  4. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Up for sale is a Base Radio with a PIE HON-98 AUX Adapter. The radio is in perfect working condition, and was a brand new replacement according to the dealer. I had an 02 Base that I purchased used, and when I needed the radio code, took it into the dealership. The informed me that it didn't...
1-4 of 4 Results