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  1. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Let me know!!
  2. Exterior Mods RSX
    Hello everyone! 1) I want to buy PIAA Ion Yellow fog bulbs and a Spyder/Spec-D kit. The question is - do I need to buy yellow kit and install the yellow bulb in to it, or do I need to buy a white/clear kit and install the yellow bulb in there? Will my yellow bulb be brighter in a white...
  3. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    I'm going forward with my 05 front need conversion so I don't need these things anymore. Bought the headlights from a member on here. They were pretty much new. I haven't even installed them on my car to be honest. I think they're Delos. Not sure tbh but they look really nice. I also have some...
  4. Lighting RSX
    im on the verge of getting these headlights...
  5. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Looking for an upper coolant house. Oem or aftermarket is fine.
  6. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    I am looking for the bell housing for a 02 Acura RSX Base model Automatic. Honda calls it the Torque converter case. Please text me price, pics and how long to get it shipped out. 678 382 3181 I am in GA 30144
  7. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    Looking for a set of 2002-2004 black housing headlights and Black drivers side door (rust free)
  8. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Once the car comes up to temperature the the radiator fan kicks on and that's when the fluid starts coming out of the upper housing went to the parts store I couldn't find it thermostat could it be a bad thermostat?
  9. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello, My OEM fog light lens are broken on both side and I am looking for a replacement. I was wondering if anybody know where I can locate one? (Besides dealer). I know eBay sells aftermarket ones but the bulbs are H11 and the OEM ones are H1. My fog lights are all OEM (Button, wiring...
  10. Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    Natedog 3" downpipe, Greddy turbo/manifold/DP, Garrett exhaust housing, turbo blanket Hey guys, I upgraded my turbo setup, getting rid of the Greddy kit in pieces now along with some other parts. This stuff has seen some miles and is not in the best condition, but it will work. Prices should...
  11. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I purchased a set of prefabbed 8611's in stock RSX housings off of the Marketplace on here in October. I finally got around to being able to Autocross on them, and find that there is play internally in the housing. The gland nut is tight, but the insert can wiggle around, causing some dynamic...
  12. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Looking for passenger side black housing headlights for 02-04 let me know your price, location, way to contact. also post close up pics of the headlights down below. located in SD area.
  13. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  14. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    as the title states.
  15. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    All parts came off a 2003 Acura rsx type s. Was holding on to them in case I wanted to convert to stock. Car got totaled now getting rid of it. List: Prb stock intake manifold with bolt missing Fuel cover with small crack Injen washer tank for the cai system Base model radio shell Dsm bottom...
  16. Exterior & Interior EP3
    hi, i need other housings to make a experiment, so can be a cheaper fogs or only housings. if are the oem should see the condition and price shipped to 33166 Medley. lmk
  17. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Sorry for the not so detailed pics at the moment. Went 05/06 conversion and these Honda type r headlights came on the car. Willing to sell/ship cheap PayPal only. $350 3057947710
  18. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hi, I am replacing my front yellow koni sports shocks and could not get the old yellow koni out of the strut housing. What methods would you guys recommend to take it out without causing any damage? All bolts and nuts are off, its just the koni in the strut housing. Please provide any methods...
  19. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    As title states looking for the k24 lower waterneck portion that connects to the water pump. Price shipped to 33909 please.
  20. Engine & Transmission RSX
    k20a2 water housing I have a water housing from an 04 type s for sale. I accept paypal or money order. $30 shipped power steering pump i have a proper working power steering pump. it comes off of a 04 type s. it did not squeal when removed. I accept paypal or money order. $30 shipped
1-20 of 464 Results