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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Sorry, I honestly tried to google up the answer, but no luck. Got 2002 base rsx. All in all it has no major issues for now except one: when driving in a traffic jam it is often too fast on 2nd gear at idle, and when I switch to 1st I struggle to maintain constant smooth low speed. When the gas...
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I wanted to know if anyone here has bought one off ebay for $50 compared to 200+ oem..... will these work fine compared to $200 from oem or autoparts store?...... I realy want to save mone and forget cleaning it I dont want any problems......
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    2004 RSX Turbo with 94k miles. Rarely driven the car in close to 3 years and after changing the gas, adding fuel stabilizer my rpms continue to bounce. When I start the car it idles at 1800rpms and there's no bounce of the rpms. Once engine is warm the bouncing starts and continues for 1k-2k...
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Last weekend I dissembled the TB and cleaned the IACV. I replaced the gasket with a thermal one and performed an idle relearn procedure. (coolant lines were also bypassed.) Now the car idles at 500 rpm when started and I got a CEL for P0116. What do you think I did wrong here? I already...
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Anyone having trouble with your car stalling out, low idle, check engine light with code P0172. Clean your iacv and it should be good. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    looking for perfect working condition
  7. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Pm me asap! Thanks.
  8. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey all, so I just swapped in a new motor and used the existing tb that had oil and coolant in it from the old blown motor but I cleaned it out best I could (didn't take anything off it since bolts were stuck in all the sensors). Anyway I'm getting erradict idle and can't get it tuned correctly...
  9. The DIY Garage RSX
    Anyone know how to clean it on a 02 rsx
  10. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello I have done some searching but only seem to come across dirty IACV threads, which I am not looking for. I have a JRSC w/ mercRacing 74mm inlet and S2 74mm tb, using a MR.tps sensor calibrated to .45 closed, 4.8 WOT. Im having idle problems, that are weird lol. Basicaly I will come to...
  11. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    For a k20, lmk price and condition
  12. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Title says it all, I cant figure out why I keep getting the code after I have disabled it through kmanager? Its getting friggen annoying :mad: I literly have my code reader set on delete for as soon as it displays so I can delete the code ASAP, and not stop traffic behind me because it will...
  13. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Ok, so recently my idle has been fluctuating and I decided to Clean my IACV. I took everything apart and cleaned the valve like it was stated in the DIY. I then put everything back together. When i go to start up my car there is no turnover. The lights go on. Radio does not. Also the car doesnt...
  14. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Also looking TB gaskets. Must be in working order will pay for shipping.
  15. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hi guys! I was just wondering if it was possible to swap the IACV Valve from a CR-V to an RSX? I took both out and mine is completely done(barely turns any more) and the one from the k24a1 long block I bought is in very good shape! Here are some pictures, from the look of it the only...
  16. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hey guys! I believe this is the correct section! So here's my problem... I took my IACV valve out for cleaning and been working at it for over 30 minutes, it won't seem to turn nicely, there a crunching noise when i turn the magnet, sounds like sand in a bearing? or something, I'm wondering if...
  17. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I have a 2005 rsx type s, only engine mod is a CAI. So about a month ago I started having iacv problems. Took it off, cleaned it,fixed the issue. Fast forward to yesterday the problems came back up, and it got to the point where the car would die if you didn't keep giving it gas. Took off...
  18. Problems & Solutions RSX
    need some quick help and tried everything I could think of and it doesn't make any sense. The car at idle starts fluctuating rpm from 1000-2000 (typical) and after some time it starts idling at 2000 RPM and quick fluctuation very quickly. I tried checking for vaccum leaks and I haven't found...
1-18 of 148 Results