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  1. Inexpensive source for Lexol

    Car Care RSX
    I stumbled upon your forum ( in my search for Lexol and found a source that has great pricing. I just ordered a 3 liter of cleaner and 3 liter of conditioner. I'm not affiliated with them at all and please don't feel I'm trying to create...
  2. Best Inexpensive Mods!!!

    Exterior Mods RSX
    What are the best inexpensive mods for our babies??? Lets try and get all these in one place... 1) Name of Mod 2) Price of Mod 3) Store/Online bought supplies from 4) Tools Needed to complete Mod 5) Time it takes to complete Mod 6) Picture of Mod...Before and After maybe?
  3. Inexpensive Turbo kits for 1997 integra LS ??

    Turbo RSX
    my friend has a 97 integra LS and he wants a turbo kit so i was wondering where is the most inexpensive place to buy a turbo kit and which one is inexpensive but produces a good boost, in other words a good deal for the price? thanks
  4. inexpensive HID retro-kits

    Exterior Mods RSX seems like an "off brand"... any one happen to know anyting about this? thanks, -S