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  1. Please help installing A SPEC suspention on rear for 02 rsx

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    It says on the instructional manual the o mark or small circle on the top of the flange of the rear assembly should be facing inside the car and front of the vehicle ..,i did the opposite where the circle mark and the side that has painted on the spring and the the notch or the end of the...
  2. Installing ITR Rear calipers on type-s

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    Hello I was wondering if anyone is running the rsx itr rear calipers on their oem type-s hubs? I just got rid of my itr rear setup but left the calipers on which bolted on fine for the time being. If anyone can chime in if they’ve done it would be great
  3. What else to upgrade when installing coilovers

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I looked around and couldn’t find a solid answer to this question, if there is a thread out there please post the link and have an admin take this one down, I don’t want multiple of same threads IF NOT, I think this will be a good informatable thread for people thinking about putting Coilovers...
  4. Installing CAI, secondary vacuum hoses plastic nipple snapped .... what is part calle

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Was installing cold air intake yesterday. I ordered the secondary hose from INJEN and they sent me some tiny ass vacuum hose that was way to small. So I went and bought some hose that was obviously a little to small but still fit. When I was putting he hose on it took a little bit of force , and...
  5. Installing Replica A-Spec Wing?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I bought this replica wing on ebay (yeah, yeah, you get what you pay for), blah blah blah. Anyways I've painted it and now it's ready for installation. Problem is: it uses holes in the spoiler and screws to secure it as opposed to the OEM studs in the spoiler and nuts to secure it. For this...
  6. Questions About Installing New Wheel Bearings

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Hey all, long-time member, first-time poster here. I've been through the Helms Manual at least 20 times looking for some information. I've scoured these forums, youtube, and various other forums, but I just can't seem to find the information I'm looking for. So, here goes: Replacing front wheel...
  7. Which OEM parts would you reuse when installing Progress Coilovers

    Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I just ordered these coilovers for my 2006 RSX S and noticed the list of OEM parts someone posted here a few months ago. Do I actually need to replace all of those OEM parts? Which ones can I safely reuse? Which ones would you strongly recommend I replace? PS - Noticed all 2006 RSX have to...
  8. Installing side indicators for ep3 help!

    Exterior Mods EP3
    Hey guys, Im looking into changing my current side indicators for some EU/DC5 or even the flat amber type from the EG/DC2. I have been searching for a template on an EP/EU chassis with no success. Just wondering if anyone here had done a DIY or something similar that would like to shred some...
  9. Minor Issue Installing INJEN CAI

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Installed INJEN CAI yesterday. 05 Base Auto. Got the tube mounted up to the 90 elbow, but the lower mount tab is a full inch away from the supplied rubber mount. Contacted, the ones that I bought it from. Told me that it was not uncommon to have to bend the mount tab to make it...
  10. need help installing aftermarket stero

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    so i went to best buy and this guy was telling me i needed to get all these adapters for a DDX372BT kenwood and have them install it so i don't blow the stock bose amp a i dont remember exactly what adapters he said i needed but i was wondering if some one could just tell me how to do it my self...
  11. Still worth installing RBC?

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    I bought a pre-modified RBC with the hondata gasket from CRSX probably 2-3 years ago. It has been sitting in my garage ever since. My best bud who I modified cars with moved away, and part of my modding passion went with him. Yesterday, after some idle issues, I cleaned the IACV with my dad...
  12. Installing C-pillar and B-pillar bars help

    Interior Mods RSX
    I've been trying to figure out how to install these B and C Pillar bars I picked up from a friend, but the OEM seat belt hardware have these huge metal stoppers on them that seem to be sealed together and I dont know how to get them off/apart. I would like to just use the OEM seat belts with...
  13. Problem installing JDM center console

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Never mind, gotta reuse the sides. Lol
  14. Installing cauQazn Retros

    Lighting RSX
    I bought and installed these retros. They are simply beautiful. The light output is awesome, the cut off great. The blue flicker sometimes makes me look in the rearview for the po-po when they hit a white road sign. Installation was pretty quick. NOW. I got them with halos. I have not wired them...
  15. Help installing mugen side skirts and mugen front bumper

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey, i wanted to see if any body can help me or guide me to install mugen side skirts and front mugen bumper. parts are from VIS. Thank you. 2006 Acura Rsx Type-S
  16. Help with installing OEM Window Visors

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey guys I am having trouble installing my OEM Honda Access Window Visors for my RSX. I'ved tried to follow the DIY by this guy. But I still am lost on where the clips go. I know I have to take out the weather stripping but I just don't...
  17. Help with installing OEM Window Visors

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey guys so I purchased a set of brand new oem Window visors. They don't have instructions or anything but I didn't doubt they came with them. My integra's oem visors didn't come with instructions but those were extremely easy to install unlike the RSX ones I have. I am completely lost because...
  18. Re installing shifter cables on transmission

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So I just did my clutch, got everything back together for the most part, but I am wondering if there is a procedure or setting I need for putting the shifter cables back on. Right now there is no gear path and my shift knob is not supported by anything, if I hook everything back up will it just...
  19. have lost power after installing aftermarket catback exhaust system

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    ok so.. i bought a skunk 2 catback exhaust system for my car. i had it installed at the same shop i bought it from, they removed the cat converter becuasae it was having trouble fitting corretly with the piping of the exhaust. so the man made a custom test pipe. everyting was installed and...
  20. Installing Double Din Help

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Hi everyone. So I bought my RSX used a while ago and it came with an aftermarket single din in it. I finally decided to switch to a double din, specifically a Pioneer AVH1600 but now I'm having trouble and would really appreciate some help. I've uploaded 3 pictures to hopefully clarify. The...