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  1. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    No longer FS
  2. The DIY Garage EP3
    Like the title says. I need help wiring my amp into my 02 SI. Can anyone help me out with pics or instructions? If it makes any difference I bought the car with the carbon fiber dash on it over the silver, and i dont know how to get that off. Anyone know? Thanks
  3. The DIY Garage EP3
    Enjoy! JDM Fog Light Installation Guides 2002-2003 (Prefacelift) JDM EP3 Fog Light Installation Guide OEM Honda Part Number: 08V31-S5T-610 Click Me 2004-2005 (Facelift) JDM EP3 Fog Light Installation Guide OEM Honda Part Number: 08V31-S5S-611 Click Me USDM Fog Light Installation Guides...
  4. Forced Induction & Nitrous RSX
    i had this in my car for a few months while i was on the bottle. works great even in sunlight. red led read out on the display. these go for $180 new so im only asking for 125 shipped plus paypal fees. obo. all wiring and instructions are included. great guage. more pics can be had by texting...
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I purchased a pspec short shifter about a year ago bnib and never got around to installing it. The company eventually closed their web page and now I have no instructions to follow for the installation. Is there anyone or any way to get the information I need to install? I'm also open to...
  6. General RSX Discussion
    I need to remove the headliner so I can remove the hatch. I have not found any posts on doing this. Can someone please direct me to some thorough instructions on doing this or anyone that can write up some detailed instructions? I appreciate any help. Thanks!
  7. Auto X & Road Racing
    I had to dig around to find this, figured I would repost it for reference.. It's a guide to installing the Schroth Ralleye 4 in the RSX, with pics, it was made by a former member and local autoxer.. (I had one for sale but it's sold :) Still a great...
  8. General RSX Discussion
    I bought mugen replica pedals off ebay.. came with all the hardware but no instructions! anyone have the instructions for the authentic ones? thanks!
  9. The DIY Garage EP3
    Hey all, If you're like me, you bought the JDM EP3 CTR badges on impulse and have question about how they install onto your EP3. Well, look no further. I found installation instructions on how the JDM EP3 CTR front, sides, and rear badges install. Enjoy!
  10. The DIY Garage RSX
    Does anyone have these? Im not about to start cutting wires.. the instructions are bo bo. i need a visual guide!
  11. Supercharging RSX
    Well i have been on the net trying to find a link or anything whatsoever that will lead me to the instructions that come with the 02-04 comptech charger kit. I found it about a month ago, saved it and was going to print it out but haha i dropped my labtop on the ground and somehow, someway f'd...
  12. All Motor RSX
    For a mild NA build (stock 07 TSX cams) such as mine I think running the RBB is the way to go vs the RBC. The advantage of the RBB is the additional runner length which increases velocity in the head ports which adds more air in the combustion. After 6500 rpms the RBC should show more gains over...
  13. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Hey guys, I've been trying to find this online, to no avail, so I pose the question to y'all. Does anyone have an electronic copy of installation instructions for the AEM V2 Short Ram Intake? Thanks in advance!
  14. The DIY Garage RSX
    Can anyone provide the instructions on what you need exactly and what to do for this? I've heard people getting exceptional gas mileage cleaning out the engine of carbon? Thanks ahead!
  15. Exterior Mods RSX
    Do you know how or where i can get instructions to installing the eibach sportline springs?
1-16 of 99 Results