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  1. Member Show-Off RSX
    Nothing too crazy here. Trying to keep it classy. A 2003 bought new in 2002. Redondo Red. A set of 18" Konig's with some Nitto Neo Gens. DC twin canister exhaust and AEM short ram. Drives nicely and reliably. Can do sub 15 in the 1/4. Been with me for 13 years. Not quite the love of my life, but...
  2. Engine & Transmission RSX
    looking to sell both for 90 or 50 each shipped intake cam lobe exhaust cam lobe
  3. Texas For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    As some of you may know (not many) I sold my 04 Type S and bought myself a 05 STi. Well anyway I have some stuff left over after selling my Type S so might as well sell them. I'm located in North-west San Antonio. Stock intake with all the bolts and screw. Stock cat back exhaust. Fog lights...
  4. Part Outs RSX
    Hey guys, I am looking to sell: DC SPORTS Header base RSX (stainless steel)----------------------175 (picked up) 200 shipped Megan Racing down pipe (almost new, used only for a week)...75 (picked up) 100 shipped These parts must go! Make me a reasonable offer and it is yours!
  5. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    Like title states above I'm looking for oem k20a2 valves in perfect work order...Give me your price shipped to Las Vegas 89031...Paypal ready...
  6. Engine & Transmission RSX
    For sale are a few items from my 2005-S. Stock header. Stock intake manifold. Heat shield for header See my thread @ AZRSX for pics.
  7. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    i just installed a AEM V2 short ram into my base..but i still have the stock exhaust will that damage the car in anyway..??
  8. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Hey whats up, I am thinking of getting an intake/exhaust setup, butttt I am kind of broke. I went on ebay and found exhaust systems dirt cheap, it suprised me like hell. They are selling N-1 exhaust systems, they arent the official ones, more like replicas, anyone had experiance with this...
  9. All Motor RSX
    Well, I didn't quite expect this, but it makes sense if you think about it. Bottom line is that I put a JRRH + carsound cat on my car and ran a base line dyno and compared it to stock. The attached CRAPPY photo is the dyno of my car stock vs with JRRH + carsound cat. As you can see I got...
  10. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    so 2 weeks ago i ran a 14.43 @ 97.5 mph on the 1/4 it was 60 degrees out, and the track is 300 ft. above sea level.. i ran on stock tires at 22.5 psi wondering if anyone has ran times similar with my setup ? or did i just get lucky? so far the only person that i know that has ran similiar...
  11. All Motor RSX
    I'm very interested in getting TODA's street cams when they become available, but I'm curious as to how this will effect my other purchases. I've already got an SRI (I don't want to 'upgrade' to the CAI, it doesn't really seem worth it since I've already got the system in place), and the Spoon...
1-11 of 11 Results