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  1. Canada East
    THIS YEARS EVENT JUST GOT HOTTER!!! Driftwerkz is Proud to Present “Xtreme Invasion 2009" This is going to be an awesome event once again with some newly classes added this year! Auguest 30, 2009 @ 9200 Bathurst Street Competition Starts at 11am- 6pm Awards to follow at 6pm Spectators are...
  2. North East
    It's finally nice to see a NY Media source report legally owned guns being used to stop crime... LMAO... The look on the faces of those home invaders must've been classic... Inwood gun owner opens up fire on home invaders with AK-47 clone (SAR-1)...
  3. Canada West
    hi just wondering if anyone from here is going to this, i'm debaitting on going with my buddy's type-s that i,ve been working on from saskachween with a fullrace stage 2 kit , i've done a some test runs up in ashcroft had some fuel issues managed some 12.90's at low boost now that i got issues...
  4. North East
    Females: Post chesticles Noobs: stfu and accept the fact that nobody likes you :finger: GO!
  5. ECU Tuning RSX
    What is this? Does this actually work? Tommy
  6. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    Yesterday I took my new rsx to the tack to see what she could do, or what I could do driving it anyway... My best time was 15.2 @93 mph. I was expecting better but what can you do. I had some good reaction times though, .513. There was another stock RSX-S there and his best run was 15.3, so we...
1-8 of 15 Results