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  1. North East
    For the past 2 years we had these meets once a year and its always been a blast. Meeting old friends, making new friends, BBQ, and just having a great time. I know most people may not have an RSX anymore but why stop making another meet? July 10th seemed to be the best date for most people to...
  2. North East
    I'm new to the car scene, wondering if there are any members in here from RI? Looking to buy an RSX this week, would be nice to meet some people around my area while I am learning.
  3. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    LTB a full RSX 5 lug swap COH! Closer to Long Island the better so there is no need to ship. Base or Type-S. ***If Type-S please include the Axels. PM me price for everything
  4. Canada West
    Poker Run Registration form is now up and live. It is hosted by, big thanks to Matt. When you go to the page you will notice a hovering menu bar with the option to "Register". That is to register for, if you go to the bottom of the form you will see the actual...
  5. North East
    Can I get any recommendations on a good Honda/ Acura specialist in the NYC or long island area.
  6. North East
    hows it going crsx im looking for a good place to get my spoiler painted in the long island area if anyone knows a good shop let me know thanks
  7. North East
    I know its short notice but they finally put it together before the season ends. Its at sunken meadow state park on long island at its $8 at the gate to get into the park. There's no charge for the actual even since its not licensed or anything.. Its just like the time at hecksher when they shut...
  8. North East
    Does anyone recommend a spot? Prefer south shore nassau county but willing to travel for good work.
  9. ECU Tuning RSX
    hoping to get my car tuned before Honda day, does anyone know of a good shop, or use one on long island new York? I heard that chris miller racing was a good place to go but ive also heard a few ppl say their cars lasted a week then blew the motors after getting tuned there.
  10. North East
    AUGUST 10, 2014 BBQ meet at Hempstead State Park at 11:30 Feel free to bring anything you want to cook. $8 entrance fee No burnouts or anything stupid to get us kicked out. Headcount: 1.iThinkImJoey 2.Fight'n 3rd 3.i_crave_vtec 4.jonsp92 5.DSMRSX631 6.blackops 7. Heres a teaser pic of the...
  11. Canada West
    Event: 5th Annual Vancouver Island Poker Run For Camp Shawnigan When: August 23rd 2014 Weekend - Based on the timing it is possible to attend the Poker Run and dinner on the Saturday only and be back on the mainland that evening. Meet and greet with dinner and a cruz - Friday 22nd...
  12. North East For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    For sale in Rhode Island: Acura RSX 2003 Eternal Blue 5 speed manual 2.0 i-Vtec with 127k miles Black leather interior perfect no rips New Bridgstone tires Everything works, Sunroof, cruise control, CD player, keyless entry, alarm system, AC, 30% tint Awesome car to drive, great gas...
  13. North East
    What's up fellow RSX owners ! Just wanted to see how many of you guys are going to this meet ! I'm from Suffolk Long Island pretty new to the rsxclub .!/events/183618388462482?__user=100001746545566 Also a roll out me and couple of my boys cool peeps, just wanna...
  14. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    i just sold my rsx type s but now i want another one lol im located on long island. i need decent miles and the color isnt really that important so pretty much any color. i would prefer it to be stock but im willing to look at anything. i have cash in hand and my budget is around 6k. if anyone...
1-15 of 168 Results