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  1. Issues with submitting Itrader feedback.

    Community Help
    hello, title as stated, I haven't submitted itraders for some time now, however I recently bought off a member and would just like to submit a good review. I keep getting a invalid deal URL error, I tried this a few times with random ones also and no luck.
  2. Can't leave itrader, error message

    Community Help
    I tried leaving a itrader for a member and I got this There were the following errors: There was an error in your deal details! Everything was filled out as it should be. Anyone else get this?
  3. iTrader Error

    Community Help
    I keep encountering a problem with iTrader. When I go to leave feedback, it says there is an error with the details. I've had this problem for some time now. Every once in awhile, I'll get it to submit but that's after trying to submit over 20 times. Any solutions?
  4. Lazy People not using the iTrader !!!!!!!!

    Buyer & Seller Disputes
    Like seriously. WTF. The last four things I've sold, no one will use the iTrader. Like C-mon People. AAAHHHHHHH
  5. iTrader where is it??

    Community Help
    Thx please close....
  6. itrader issue

    Community Help
    Error in my deal details message keeps popping up? I have given plenty of feedback so I'm sure I know how it works but I can't leave this dude feedback.
  7. iTrader Scores?

    Community Help
    Is it me or did the iTrader scores go away for ClubEP3? I can't see anyone's iTrader on here but on ClubRSX I can....:dontknow:
  8. iTrader

    Community Help
    Do you think you guys can add a line saying "Must be two sentences long." or something similar next to the additional comments box? Or make it optional.
  9. Problem leaving Itrader

    Community Help
    I went to leave an Itrader Feedback, and i get this error. I copy / pasted the deal url straight from here. Any ideas???
  10. Itrader issue,won't let me leave seller feedback!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Everytime i try to leave sellers feedback it tells me that "there was an error In your deal details". This is the third time this has happened and it's getting pretty annoying, whether its me trying to leave them positive feedback first or even after they leave me feedback and i follow the...
  11. iTrader- Question

    General RSX Discussion
    This may sound like a very dumb question.......How do I check someone's iTrader feedback?
  12. Typerdc5rsx: Stole my money, beware of buying parts from him despite his iTrader.

    Buyer & Seller Disputes
    I'm having an issue with scammer typerdc5rsx. Since you won't respond to PM's let's see if we can settle this here. Let's see what you intend to do about some issues here. Specifically the issue of you stealing my $167 for that steering wheel you never sent me. Specifically the issue of you...
  13. How does iTrader Work?

    General RSX Discussion
    Just as the post says, how does iTrader Work? :drink:
  14. iTrader vbp hood

    General RSX Discussion
    Ive been trying to sell my vbp hood for my 05 rsx as i have a new carbon fiber hood. How can i use iTrader to sell it on here, i must be a noob
  15. iTrader request...

    Canada West
    Can the following users please rep me back: - PK_EK x1 - mugen evolution x1 - law9 x1 (oil lines) - pascal x2 (bumper + valve cover) Thanks!
  16. Problem leaving iTrader!!!

    Community Help
    For some reason I am having trouble leaving feedback as a seller. I am using my own for sale thread for christ sake. This is what is says: There was an error in your deal details!!! I have never used that thread to leave feedback for someone else so I don't see what the problem is.
  17. How to use iTrader

    Community Help
    Can anyone send me step by step instructions on how to use iTrader i think a a a buyer for my kpro but have no clue how to go about with the process Thanks in advance
  18. how to leave a feedback "itrader" for new members

    Community Help
    i think nobody posted this kind of thread. how do you leave a feedback "itrader" for new members? :confused:
  19. iTrader

    Community Help
    I don't know if I am going crazy or its just a stoner moment but I can't seem to figure out how to leave this guy an iTrader rating:
  20. I-trader deal threads not linking.

    Community Help
    I have someone who is trying to buy a set of springs from me and only has one Itrader, his profile is here: I tried to look at the sale thread because when I looked at the table on the top of the page that lists postive/negative/neutral for past...