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  1. Mid Atlantic
    I have been on this forum on and off and thought since I never got the chance to do a meet with RSX owners when I had mine, I thought it might be intresting to do one. However, this meet is originally for the mazda crew but we usually get Scoobies, Evo's, Integra's, etc that comes to the meet...
  2. Florida
    Who's down to ride out to PBIR on January 7th? Wednesdays are drag days. I usually leave at 7PM get there at 8PM and run until 10:30PM. It's $25 to race and $10 to spectate. Letting you guys know this to plan in advance and prep your car for that day. Post up in here if you're down.
  3. North East
    01/21/2008 61,175 Acura Certified Dealer Offered for sale as an Acura Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle in Nashua, NH. If you bought an SSM 04 TYPE S that had a wing on the back w/ a crack in it, open your glove box b/c you have kpro. You also happened to buy my old Type S...which was boosted and...
  4. Florida
    I figured my fellow RSX'ers like music too, so I'm hooking you up with a live mix I did tonight. I'll track list if there is an interest. Enjoy: SS:D
  5. Mid Atlantic
    "When fighters dream, they dream of the octagon. This is one stop on the road to their dream." Who: Some of the best, up and coming Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters in the Metro area. What: Twelve, non-stop action packed bouts of MMA fighting in the cage officially sanctioned by the ISCF...
  6. Canada East
    Hey everybody!!! Hope everyone had a fun filled X-mas and New Years, but more importantly... It's time to burn off all the extra calories from all the turkey, stuffing and booze from the holiday's! What a better way to do so then by ...... KARTING! The next HADA Winter Karting Series event is...
  7. The Great State of Georgia
    everybody keeps talking about having one - me the most probably :o but just thought i would make a thread to see where we could have it & when the best time would be for everyone i was thinking mlk weekend, sat, sun, or mon; or if anybody can't make those - say what you can make if anybody...
  8. South
    When: January 26, 2008 Where: Charleston, SC at AV Engineering Info: Dyno day - The first 20 people to sign up can book their spots now and the price will be dropped from $75 to $50 for 2-3 pulls with a free 02 reading. If you are wanting dyno tuning please contact Anthony...
  9. Northern Cali
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Member Show-Off RSX
    What's better than three pairs of rims? Thats right, four! Here are the top three members with that kind of thinking.... DISCLAIMER: Please take a few moments to browse everybody's showoff threads. They all put a lot of time, money, and effort into their cars and a few minutes won't hurt to...
  11. North East
    Happy New Year! :) spotted a white 02-04 type-s with wing palpark
  12. Florida
    I'd like to organize a meet some time in this time frame for the 941 members. My home town is in the 941 area and I haven't really met anyone from that area as I've been in Orlando for a while now. Let me know if you'd come, where you'd like to meet, any special events you'd like to do and...
  13. Florida
    JDMD GETTING READY FOR THE 2008 MEETS we promised every 3 month to have a meet and here we are ready to deliver and start the year of nice. Hopefully they will keep getting bigger and better as myself and the guys from squadron 1 are doing our best to give every one the chance to come out...
61-74 of 84 Results