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  1. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    Is it common for the oil jet plug to come loose when you swap to the type a pump in a k24? Is the oil pressure coming through it high enough to push it out ?im getting this loud ass knock all of a sudden but I'm pretty sure it's not rid knock because my oil is on the second dot. I think the bolt...
  2. Engine Building & Design
    if i plugged the oil jet with a small bolt n hondabond is that enough or do i need to get a 12mm bolt and plug it with hondabond ?
  3. Car Care Showoff RSX
    We will start with the Jet black X5. A while ago the owner previously used another detailer who left marring and some trails in the paint. When the owner went back the detailer claimed to not even know what Marring was. It was now my job now to fix this difficult soft paint. Also the Rockers...
  4. Lighting RSX
    Hello Everyone, Didn't see much out there for reviews on different yellow fog light bulbs so I figured I would share my findings just in case someone was interested. I just installed some yellow fogs on my 02-04 a couple weeks ago but was a little disappointed with the output of the bulbs so i...
  5. Vehicles For Sale RSX
    **PLEASE NOTE, This is not my car but a friend or mines. DO NOT PM ME OR ASK ME QUESTIONS. You can contact Omid at 717-903-0392. THANKS Up for sale is a very clean 2004 Acura TL. 110k miles with a salvage title. Car was lightly hit in the front end and no airbags were deployed. Automatic 3.2L...
  6. Everything Else
    I have a 1996 Yamaha Waveblaster 2. It is a 760cc, 2-stroke, 2 seater jet ski. It is known for its performance capabilities with its deep v-hull. It carves on a dime and pulls hard out of the hole. I just purchased it this summer from the original owner. It only has about 70 hours on it. The...
  7. Southern Cali
    FIRSTLY, I MUST MENTION THAT MARVIN IS THE MAN TO GOTO FOR TOUGH AND/OR TIME CONSUMING INSTALLS. He is a master mechanic, and I would recommend his work highly (as does everyone else I know in SD) that being said, lets move on. With money...
  8. ECU Tuning RSX
    ok i was on the internet looking for a flash tuner for my 02 type s because i cant afford kpro right now and i came across one from jet chips. It looks pretty good just wondering if anyone has bought one from them and if so how good is it?
  9. Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Wanted 2 know now that i had my motor built with bluprint stage 3 cams 12.5 compression and light weight carillo rods what would be the biggest single jet tha i can use before with my stock motor i had .042 jet (75hp) now im thinking of .055 (140hp)jet would that be ok thanks Costa!
  10. Engine & Transmission RSX
    JET performance ecu...$220+stock ecu... shipped email: [email protected]
  11. Nitrous Oxide RSX
    Hi guys! i just received my dynotune dry kit from a crsx member this is a dry kit single fogger My question is that i read on a hondata post that when they tested the nozzle spraing towards the throtle body the had some issues with cylinder #1 and when they turned it around towards the...
  12. Videos EP3 :rotfl::rotfl:
  13. ECU Tuning RSX
    I am looking for a quick horsepower gain, and i came accross this Jet Chips Ignition Performance Module - V-Force Plus, does anybody have any idea if this is what im looking for cause a kpro just cost to much right now :dontknow:
  14. Member Show-Off RSX
    update 7/6/2010 new wheels update 7/25/2010 going away BBQ solos page 4 update 8/29/2010 cal state poly parking structure solos page 5 and page 6 update 5/15/2011 chuckwalla raceway and youtube link to videos page 7 update 6/4/2011 club rsx san diego bbq page 7 ok guys heres my list of mods...
  15. Car Care Showoff RSX
    Quite a few months ago I helped my buddy correct the issues he introduced into his car He called me again and said he needed help. This time "you just do it". Unless he was a friend I probably wouldn't have taken it as I...
  16. General RSX Discussion
    For the past year, I've always used Chevron "premium" 93 octane fuel. Now it's getting so high I can't afford it. I'm paying $3 bucks now, and everytime I go lately, it's up another few cents. Analysts say regular will be up to $3 by the summer, which will make premium $3.50, and that will mean...
1-16 of 61 Results