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  1. The DIY Garage RSX
    I'm needing to paint my carbon hood. I screwed up trying to get by with rattle cans; the cans of Desert Silver I ordered just spit all over the panel... it's worth stressing that I REALLY don't care about this thing looking perfect, it just needs to look good enough at a glance. Local shops all...
  2. ...

    Southern Cali
  3. Canada East
    :coffee: Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,853 User Name Posts cbro 408 christx 345 Jasonoff 291 Frayne182 284 tkjode 166 ResoKP 162 LimaRSX 112 WONG_89 32 deanob 21 Tomy 10 jerhu 9 01nova 6 nitram 5 dblo 1
  4. DC Metro
    who's hiring? i need new work so everybody post findings in here :D
  5. Northern Cali
    sorry prices going up QT Auto Body 8420 Elder Creek Rd Suite A2 Sacramento, Ca. 95828 We do our own Prep, Primer, Paint, Clear. - Full car paint job (color change) (exterior, door jams, Trunk compartment) $3500 dollars - Exterior only paint job(same color)( Exterior only) $2500 dollars -...
  6. DC Metro
    Anyone know of any places hiring around NOVA? Im getting hella broke and i need a way of getting more money haha. Thanks :)
  7. Canada East
    I am looking for a shop to paint my ssm 02 rsx to dc5r championship white in the gta. I want the best possible job for a price range of 1000-1500. Any suggestions?
  8. Everything Else
    So I'm looking for a job, I'm 16. I was wondering what you guys did, if the pay was good, and how long it took you to save up enough for an RSX. So suggestions would be great. Thanks.
1-8 of 44 Results