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  1. Random choke/jerk while driving

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    For the past 6 months I've been chasing an issue where originally, while driving at a steady rpm (2800-4000) the car would randomly "jerk", revs would drop 2-300rpms and then go back to where it was before, it was enough for it to startle you if you werent expecting it. Now it's doing it even...
  2. K20a3 engine wiring harness on k20a2

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    On the base rsx the throttle position sensor is on the opposite side of the type s. U need to depin and switch over the corner wires. The middle stays the same. Would bog out under wot. Check tos calibration to be sure u got it right
  3. k20a2 starter for 02 rsx type s with k24/k20 frankenstein

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    will a k20a2 starter for 02 rsx type s fit a k24 block?
  4. K20A2 Transmission

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    Selling a k20a2 6speed tranny $750 OBO Has dc5 type R LSD Brand new synchrotech carbon rebuilt kit Will ship at buyers expense
  5. ISO K20Z1 or K20A2 head

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    My Z1 head is cracked, need a new one asap! LMK what you have. Don't need any of the valve Terri an, just a bare head.
  6. K20a2 parts

    Engine & Transmission RSX
    Chain case - $50 VTC Actuator - $60 PRB intake manifold - $50 Kseries VTEC solenoid - $60 RSX climate control - $50 Water Pump - $50 Local to Dallas/Ft Worth Will ship at buyers expense Pictures will be attached
  7. K20a2 swap

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    For sale is a 2002 k20a2 swap with 200km asking 1500$ obo Call or text if interested 647-502-3967 mike
  8. K20a2 parts clearance cheap

    Part Outs RSX
    Last remaining parts Chain case -40 PRB intake manifold - 40 Water pump - 40 Power steering pump - 40 Belt tensioner - 35
  9. K20a2 help

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    I'm building a car from scratch using a 04 RSX engine with Kpro. I'm trying to connect a ignition light that goes out once the alternator starts charging. I am using a Hybrid swap harness. I have a wire that has 12v from the bulb. Question is, where do I connect it to? I've tries the white lite...
  10. K20a2 into 5spd Base

    K-Series Swaps
    So before I get into my question - I do know the swap has been done and I’ve done a lot of reading up on it the last few weeks but I haven’t really been able to find an answer in regards to the immobilizer and I’d just like some reassurance. I have an 03 base but will be swapping an a2 into...
  11. Hi guys k20a2 head k24a2 block

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Currently I have an 02 rsx type s with a spun bearing. My setup was full 3 inch greedy exhaust, skunk header, injen cold air intake, kpro tuned at 210whp on 93octane. Found a local jspec engine shop with a k24a2 full engine for $650. What are the things needed to do this swap ?
  12. K20a2 head k24a2 block

    K-Series Swaps
    Hi guys I recently spun a bearing on my rsx type s and currently found a k24a2 full engine for $650 in local japspec engine shop. K20a2 are high in price and mileage. What are the things necessary to get this swap done ? I already have kpro tuned at 210 whp on the k20.
  13. 02 K20A2 Type S in 06 Base Auto body

    K-Series Swaps
    Hey everyone. I have had a long project taking an 02 type s that had a hood latch failure on the highway and was totaled (engine survived but windshield and whole upper body was caved in beyond repair) , and swapping the powertrain into my 06 base auto. My methodology was to use as much of the...
  14. Fully built k20a2 in 06 type s

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey everyone, looking for an active forum. Hopefully this one is pretty active as I like to discuss things with other car enthusiasts and always love learning new things. I have an 06 rsx type s with a built k20a2 with 1000 break in miles along with 02-04 trans. Tons of bolt-one to go with and...
  15. K20A2 replaced with K20A

    Canada East
    Hay guys I have a 02 rsx type s and the engine seized and I need a new on I was looking at replacing it with a k20a because it I a lot less that a k20a2, will It work with the current ECU? they have the same cams do they not?
  16. K20a3 To K20a2 crankshaft swap

    Turbo RSX
    Hey I have a quick question, Building a turbo K20a3 obviously. Would I be better off balancing the beefy ass rods, pistons, and wrist pins to my stock a3 crankshaft ( since I know it's not balanced from the factory ) or just getting a good used a2 crank and rods, pistons, and pins instead? I...
  17. FS: K20A2 6 Speed Acura RSX Type S Transmission

    Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
  18. K20A2 Transmission Sound

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey Guys, I have a 2004 Type-S and whenever I let off the throttle, I hear a sort of tick noise. When I reverse I also hear the same tick but slightly louder. What could be the problem? Could it be the differential? or do I need new motor mounts? Thanks Guys!
  19. Power Steering Pump: K20A3 vs. K20A2

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey all, Does anyone know if there are any differences between the K20A3 power steering pump and the K20A2 power steering pump? The Honda part numbers are slightly different, but it seems aftermarket power steering part numbers don't differ between the two engines. I have searched on Google...
  20. Putting a K20a2 into a 2006 Type S.

    Forum Threads
    Hello All, I recently totaled my 04 type s. I was able to purchase an 06 type s with a blown motor for a good price. I wish to put the 04 k20a2 into the 06. My 04 ecu has Kpro already. I need some advice as what needs to be done in order for the k20a2 to run properly inside of the 06 shell...