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  1. K24A2 head on k20a3 block

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I was wondering if anyone knows if a k24a2 head will go onto a k20a3 block without any issues? Some people say something about valve to piston clearance but that doesn't make sense to me. I know the k20a2 head will work and they are almost the same but k24a2 head is about half the price in my area.
  2. K24A2 NA Build

    All Motor RSX
    Hey Guys just thought i would share my build with you! I got my hands on a Trainwreck TSX Motor with only 7k original miles on it. ive had it for about 7years now. it was a backup motor for my race car but i have since parted ways with my race car. I picked up a EK hatch i was going to put...
  3. type s k24a2 full swap no frank

    The DIY Garage RSX
    Hey All, I am doing a k24a2 full swap in my 03 rsx type s. my goal here is to do the swap on a budget using parts that I already have (Which is almost everything). I also have a black 02 rsx base that I wrecked the other week. So, I will be using parts off of that to help save on cost. The type...
  4. K24A2 Auto Swap un RSX base question

    Turbo RSX
    Hello everyone, greetings from Panama friends ... I am building my project of the DC5 base 2002 K24A2 Turbo sidewnder Automatic. The ECU does not worry me much since I will adjust with Ktuner for 05-06 + the Harness for 02-04 ... I have the opportunity to get a TSX transmission, the question...
  5. K24a2 Build and Swap

    Engine Building & Design
    Long time lurker, recent poster... Have a 05 Rsx Base and looking to swap in a 04 k24a2 and a 6 speed transmission (not sure which trans yet). Question is what to do with the wiring harness and ECU? I only have the charging harness. From my research it looks like I'm limited to finding 02-04...
  6. K24a2 swap fuel regulator?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Just swapped a 06 tsx k24a2 into my 06 rsx type S. Car is running rich with check engine light was told need to get a fuel rail w/ regulator my question is which fuel rail would I need to get? And which one would work best? Any links? TIA
  7. K24a2 swap questions

    K-Series Swaps
    I have a 2006 rsx type s and Currently swapping a 06 k24a2 keeping the RBB-3 intake manifold my question is I’ve read on some forums that I am able to run a 03-05 throttle body and it should be a direct fit? Is this true? I was trying to find a k20 throttle body adapter but can’t find it...
  8. K24a2 compression

    K-Series Swaps
    Hi. Just finished doing compression test on my 04 tsx parts car yesterday and i got 150-160-155-150. Is the engine healthy? Im planning on swapping it in my type s in the future
  9. FS: Rsx Type S 06 k24a2 tuned k tuned shifter mugen hood bunch of parts. 6000

    Vehicles For Sale RSX
    Selling my 03 rsx type s pearl white.Owned it for more than 5 years now. Has 06 k24a2, rbc manifold, plm header, invidia q300 exhaust (VERY QUIET), funtion type 2 coilovers, spc camber kit all the way around, wavetrac lsd($1000 lsd), kpro, pioneer double din, ktuned shifter box, ktuned...
  10. Where to buy k24a2 online

    K-Series Swaps
    I have searched, but can’t really find any reliable places online that you guys have purchased engines from? I would rather find in person, but afraid I don’t have the time to wait to find one. Preferably with lower miles, I just don’t know where to start as far as online, as I would have to go...
  11. Hi guys k20a2 head k24a2 block

    New Member Introduction RSX
    Currently I have an 02 rsx type s with a spun bearing. My setup was full 3 inch greedy exhaust, skunk header, injen cold air intake, kpro tuned at 210whp on 93octane. Found a local jspec engine shop with a k24a2 full engine for $650. What are the things needed to do this swap ?
  12. K20a2 head k24a2 block

    K-Series Swaps
    Hi guys I recently spun a bearing on my rsx type s and currently found a k24a2 full engine for $650 in local japspec engine shop. K20a2 are high in price and mileage. What are the things necessary to get this swap done ? I already have kpro tuned at 210 whp on the k20.
  13. K24a2 on a stock RSX type s ECU?

    All Motor RSX
    Anyone running this setup? I've heard it runs lean and throws codes; I'm assuming its due to a difference in fuel maps and cam phasing? If you guys have this setup, are you running lean and how are you compensating for it? Before you guys bust out the flame throwers; to legalize a k24...
  14. K24a2 rsx

    Community Help
    Can someone give me a rough estimate on what they think my car will make on the dyno and the 1/4 mile time with my specs K24a2 stock block 3.2 DC cams vtc 50° cam gear 1320 header skunk 2 ultra street manifold 80mm throttle body 1300 cc injectors 255 walbro type s oil pump on e85
  15. For sale fast and reliable maintined meticulously! Quality parts rsx type s k24a2

    Southern Cali
    Unfortunately i am selling my rsx type s. Reason for a sale is just want something automatic in all honesty. Sell or trade. Here is s little info about the car. Just message me and i can send you pictures 909 939 6155 -03 rsx type s -tags till march -07 k24a2 the engine is very sought after do...
  16. Need Help with AC install and part information for K24a2 swap!!

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys, I am going to buy a 05' Type S with a K24a2 swap in it. It has Power Steering, but No AC.. I want AC because I will be DDing this car and want the comfort along with the performance during hot months. What do I need? I cannot seem to find any full AC units online or what parts are all...
  17. K24A2 in a VW Baja

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys I have a 1970 VW Baja that I'm putting a K24A2 RBB-2 engine in. I have the 02-04 RSX-S engine harness, 02-04 RSX ECU, I'm doing the Rywire Power harness, I also have the PND-A08 ECU that I'm going to have KPRO put it. I have removed the a/c and power steering. What can I do other then...
  18. K24a2 swapped Dc5 Overheating problem

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I know there are a few posts on Overheating, but i havent found anything with my particular problem, i have never had problems with over heating til i got a small hairline crack in my radiator, changed rad thermostat and water pump I have been through 3 thermostats including my original , i...
  19. K24a2 rsx loss of power and vibrating

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I was at idle today and all the sudden my rpms dropped and the car didn’t sound right. Major loss of power but not in limp mode. No cels, just changed my spark plugs and tested my coil packs. Kind of sounded like it was misfiring, but not that extreme. Thinking maybe skipped a link in the...
  20. Belt for K24a2 / power steering but no A/c

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Had a hard time finding This answer. This is for a k24a2 longblock. No a/c but has power-steering. Belt Length needs to be 55.25-55.5. The belt size is 11.9 x 4 x 1. You need a Dayco 5070553 belt. $26 on Amazon. Gates - 5070553 (last 3 numbers is the belt size: 553 = 55.3) If you go to...