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  1. The DIY Garage RSX
    Alright so I just bought a k24a4 with what the owner said had a bent valve , now im thinking of putting a k20 head on it but I'm 15 and I don't know what I'm doing. So it would mean alot if you guys could tell me some stuff to help me.
  2. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello guys, i have a question that i cant find much information about i have a 5 speed out of a 04 honda accord it was the k24a4. i got it in a swap i intend on putting in my car but the problem is i hear these transmission cases are similar to the tsx 6 speed cases that have clearance issues in...
  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hello Club RSX.. I bought a k24a4 with tax rbb2 and PND cams.. well I opened her up and started looking a d found what looks like p2v damage on the last piston away from the cam gears. Anyway I have a type s with I think SI motor overheated not currently in my garage I'm looking to put in. A...
  4. All Motor RSX
    Hello everyone. I just got another RSX type s , I had one about 6 years ago but never mod like I wanted because budget and life.. now I have a better budget and garage to spare space on. I would like to build is as an homage to my younger self of some sort. Anyway the RSX was 1700 bucks runs and...
  5. Engine Building & Design
    Im in the process of doing a k24a4 short block swap after spun a bearing in my K20a. Ive been reading some info related to the swap and the parts that i need to replace/swap from one short block to the other, and i want to know if im in the correct path. **First, To my understanding, I can use...
  6. Problems & Solutions RSX
    long story short i traded for an 02 rsx that has a k24a4 swap already in t i have like $900 in what i traded my plan was to make sure the engine ran reasonably good and then part out everything i dont want and put the swap in my em2 but the car wont start it does have kro v2 i have tried running...
  7. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys been looking for a while now can't find my answer here's my question I have a frankie swap k20/k24a4 what race header can I put on? From what I c some pepz buy header for k20 and it fits fine and others don't if u have a k20/24 please let me know what header u running and any mods(sway...
  8. Engine Building & Design
    i have a k24a4 block and crank i plan on using tsxk24a2 rods and pistons in. the question in not properly i printed both a 2006 honda accord(k24a4) and 2006 tsx (K24a2) rod bearing charts off of ALLDATA at work today. as you can see the charts are different. *BOTH oem bearings...
  9. K-Series Swaps
    Can I use a stock air box from a 2010 or 2013 honda civic to my K24a4 (2005 honda accord?)??? for like a day... without causing a check engine light... I need to smog my car and my friend told me to put a stock air box and pray I pass the visual part at least. -_- if not I have to find one on ebay.
  10. All Motor RSX
    I recently bought my car... no knowledge of anything. I just saw RSX low miles/passed smog/ and good condition... I didn't know that the k24a4 is not the stock motor fml lol... buy now regret later... but I love my DC5. I started to feel the clutch giving out when I get to 6th gear and will I...
  11. Engine Building & Design
    I purchased a k24/k20 frank build engine and it came with the 2003-2005 accord head and block i know the a4 head is the same as the base head which i want to avoid so the question is, is can i buy head parts and make it reliable or is getting an a2 head just the better way to go? Ive been...
  12. All Motor RSX
    I got the k24a4 for 300..Budget build and fuel economy is a concern of this build as its for DD. the k24a4 has lower compression like base auto and i plan to just do full swap for more tq. Do i have to swap my rbc for an uncut one? I also want solid motor mounts for the setup. and i plan on...
  13. Engine & Transmission EP3
    Stock K20A2 cams for sale. Look good, ran in my car for a while and went a different route. Looking to get $150 and Ill ship for $10... K20A3 complete short block (block crank rods pistons assembled) 80xxx mi on it and never smoked and ran when i took it out. Looking to get $250 local pick up...
  14. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    FS: k24a4 engine! 400obo it does burn oil.. best offer takes it! message with your number and ill text you some pics and if u have any question.. located in mississauga!
  15. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
  16. Engine & Transmission EP3
    Complete K24a4 with 135k miles for parts. Exhaust and intake mani with tb and all sensors intact and ready to go. If you need anything let me know and I can get you a price shipped. Spun a bearing that's Why motor is for parts. Rods, pistons all good. Lmk what you need and we can make a deal!
  17. All Motor EP3
    So I have this spare k24a4 engine just sitting in the garage and was wondering if I swap the intake manifold and tb on to my k20a3 would it make more power? I'm not using the k24 because it has a spun bearing so what are the options here? Just swap intake Mani? Use the whole head? Not sure what...
  18. All Motor EP3
    So I basically got a k24a4 for free when I traded a buddy some steelies with good tires for winter. He said that he believes it spun a bearing but regardless I want to do a complete tear down and rebuild. I know that this is the weaker k24 160hp and tq but i would really like to do an all motor...
  19. Part Outs RSX
    2 complete motor I was gonna build couple cars but my funds are getting low. I'm selling 2 k24a4 (accord) complete motor, tranny, and harness. 2003 20,000 Miles. This motor is mint! Located in San Jose, Ca. Asking 1500 for both, 750 each Maybe on shipping.
  20. Engine & Transmission RSX
    2 complete motor I was gonna build couple cars but my funds are getting low. I'm selling 2 k24a4 (accord) complete motor, tranny, and harness. 2003 20,000 Miles. This motor is mint! Located in San Jose, Ca. Asking 1500 for both, 750 each Maybe on shipping
1-20 of 195 Results