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  1. Mid West
    OK NEW NEW ONE. lolZ Ransom 563 Kevink121 307 jamesl85 249 korney 200 Sage0021 155 dc2kid 145 sinzdc5 100 itskien 77 AzianK 30 ekhonda87 19 KrazyKarl 18 Mr-kseries 5 EDU 4 silverpikachu 4 Dad 2 ihazvtak 2 F_IT 1 yang4lyfe 1
  2. Member Show-Off RSX
    some cruise i went this passed month a lot cool cars.. i think they were 3 dc5's mines the ssm :thumbsup:
  3. DC Metro
    02-04 ABP wingless, blackouts, lowered, black wheels, red outs, exhaust and tint on rt 10 in Glen Burnie around 3:15pm
  4. Canada East
    Cause you make them look rice. No but seriously. Nice shots.
  5. Canada West
    By:BD2002 By:PK-EK
  6. Florida
    Hey! using adams profile if you havent guessed that by now. I really shoud get my own huh...?! Well, check out some shyte... i got SUNWORKS... i got Sway's Cwest RSX... I got Jose's RSX... and more... also, to see the complete set hit up my flickr. MY FLICKR FOLKS **Im not wuite done...
  7. RSX vs. All
    we did a 40mph roll and we went. i got him from 40-100mph and at 100mph he passed me. after we did 2 pulls we slowed down and i found out he had cams. i doubt he has kpro cuz if he did he wouldve ate me cuz i only have kpro and i/h/e/rbc... any thoughts
  8. Canada East
    SUSHI!!!! Since we all love sushi, and frequent it often, I figured we should have a specific sushi meet thread!!!! :love: :love: Use this thread to set up sushi meets!
1-10 of 32 Results