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  1. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Section 109 Row 9 (9 rows from the glass) Both for 300 firm Crsx discount lol So 150 a ticket(40-50 below face value) Bought 4 but 2 of the people who were supposed to go bailed Can transfer electronically or meet at the game The 24th at 730 at staples center View from seats
  2. DC Metro
    Anyone have any promo codes or know how to get discount tickets to busch gardens williamsburg or kings dominion? The best I can find is $46 for a single day ticket right here... Can anyone beat that? Looking to go on a saturday for their...
  3. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Whatup crsxers, have a Buddy Club Short shifter (adjustable) with strut king aluminum shifter bushings that I'll throw in for free if you buy it, and an Injen Short Ram Intake with everything it comes with (vibramount, washer, clamps). Looking for 50 for the intake and 50 for the short...
  4. Everything Else
    Any body here watch like hockey? and the L.A Kings? Got a couple of VIP tickets for L.A Kings Vs. Edmonton Oilers. Section : PR1, row 3. Seat 7 and 8. Pretty close seats. good offer takes it =] 2 Tickets. Face Value; $VIP
  5. Member Show-Off RSX
    Was originally scheduled on saturday but a tsunami warning canceled that, rescheduled to today... rained all day during the show until about the last hour...didnt want to get rain all over my new lens so heres some quick pics I took today with the stock lense equipped with rain drops Event was...
  6. Suspension, Chassis & Brakes
    I have to say that my rear looks so much better with the tie bar. It's very easy to install and i love the way it looks.
  7. DC Metro
    Decided to go to kings dominion with some friends and just throwing it out there for anyone else that wants to go. Not trying to compete with the six flags trip kings dominion is just closer :)
  8. DC Metro
    Hey I just got off the phone with the Kings Dominion group sales. If we have 15 people or more it's $33.95 a ticket instead of the $54 or so I believe. Anyone?? If you are down, please pay pal me or meet up and give some cash so I can order all the tickets to assure we get the deal. As for it...
  9. Supercharging RSX
    1, 2 , go!!! blower crew FTW!! :D:D:thumbsup:
  10. Exterior Mods RSX
    Alrigght guys i finally ordered the Mugen kit from Kings!!! I am so excited, cant wait to get it. They say it will come within a week i'll keep you guys posted. Also pics too! Oh yeah! good news guys thw airbox for are cars are coming in spring same with the exhaust (whole catbacksystem)...
1-11 of 19 Results