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  1. Mid West
    Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,858 User Name Posts Sage0021 352 Ransom 328 Kevybro 283 MITeggy17 228 korney 224 DC5nv 125 jamesl85 115 sinzdc5 112 ekhonda87 57 Fuccboi 14 ashinsky 10 itskien 6 EDU 3 ObeyYourRobot 1
  2. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    dammit I had to get out of bed and get on the PC to make this shit. :weeeeeeeeee:
  3. Member Show-Off RSX
    Updates on Pg.3, 4 Whats going on everyone, Here is my 02 Type S. Keep in mind, this is only my DD, so nothing crazy was planned for this car. My goal is to keep it simple and clean. I've owned it for 4 months now, and it has been though quite a bit of different stages, and is finally coming...
  4. Auto Talk
    Some local news around here you guys might like to read. Plasan also makes carbon body panels for C6 'Vettes too.
  5. Motorcycles
    Basic Elements - Strong Cordura Mesh Base with Heavy-duty 4 way stretch Spandex inserts. - Removable CE Approved Body Armor in both Jacket and Pants - Highly detailed, removable lightweight interior lining. - Form Molded Leather and Kevlar...
  6. Canada East
    VIDEO: SPECS: PICTURES: I grew up on this show. I'm definitely watching this!
  7. General RSX Discussion
    it'd be this bad boy.
1-7 of 24 Results