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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I am having an overheating issue with my 2002 Rsx Type S The ECT reaches 208°F while the car is idling. From my understanding, they generally operate at 190°F-195°F. I have Kpro force my fan on at 192°F instead of 204°F but it doesn't seem to help. I have it jacked up in the air pretty high...
  2. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey fellow fans, I’m just introducing myself and my 2005 Acura Rsx Type S and gonna start a post just to show my progress. As of yet I have installed a type r wing rep, and drilled holes in hood since motor was getting hot at on point, I painted the whole car jade green at a paint shop, I went...
  3. Exterior & Interior RSX
    Free shipping. Brand New never used. The knob was $75 I'll take $50 The boot was $50 I'll take $30
  4. The DIY Garage RSX Hopefully this helps with your trans rebuild
  5. The DIY Garage RSX
    Hopefully this isn't a stupid question, but here we go. I was just wondering if I need to do anything before I change out the timing chain tensioner cover with the K-Series cover? I'm changing it because I believe its leaking oil and well it was relatively cheap and simple.
  6. Engine & Transmission RSX
    AEM Series 2 for k-series 30-6030 like new works perfectly 1100$ shipped
  7. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    I'm getting a new engine put into my base 5speed. The people I spoke with to find an engine found a K20A3 from Japan with under 60k miles. Now the only thing that can't be used would be the harness because of being left hand drive. But other than that, everything should fit right? The reason I...
  8. Part Outs RSX
    SOLD SOLD SOLD $ 267 Shipped Anywhere in USD / Canada - No sensor K-Series 74mm Pro Series Throttle Body Large 74mm Bore Compatible With OEM Throttle Cable CNC-Forged 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Construction Sealed Bearings For Smooth Operation Durable, Corrosion-Resistant Hard-Anodized Finish...
  9. Engine Building & Design
    This is from Honda K-Series Engine Bearing Identification, Installation Honda uses a specific bearing selection process for both rod and main bearings. It includes using a chart along with the identified parts included in the engine being rebuilt. Connecting rod...
  10. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    SOLD Bought this Tanabe Hyper Medallion while back and was told it was for a RSX Type S, well its not. I'm not sure what car its for, but likely a base RSX or EP3. Its got your normal dings and such on the mid-pipe. The tip has been cut and is slightly bent at an angle. An exhaust shop can...
  11. Canada East: For Sale & Want to Buy
    FS Item(s) Description: Selling a set of ID725 injectors, works perfectly, used for about 2,000kms on my RSX. Does not come with clips, but you can find those on eBay. Asking Price: - $520 Location: Pick up in Brampton, Williams/410 area. Contact: - PM
  12. All Motor RSX
    Hello, I recently acquired a cheap Rsx for a daily as my turbo s2k is a garage queen!!! So the Rsx I got has a k24a8 block and the side of the head shows prb-1 leading me to believe it's a 04 type-s head. My car is a 05 type-s and the Ecu helped my verify that. Either way I was told that it just...
  13. Turbo RSX
    Anyone ever heard of this company and know of their product? Any tuners, builders on here ever use them? I'm in the market for a sidewinder for my k20 rebuild. Looking for something good but if this is just as good just saves me a few bucks. Otherwise i'll stick with JDL or FR.
  14. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey guys, I've had by 2002 Base 5 Speed for just about a year now! Finally decided to make an account here to see what the community was like. So a little about me: I've loved cars as long as I could remember. When I was younger, it was mostly about cars that I thought looked cool. Supercars...
  15. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Sale Terms: * Payment Accepted: Cash or Paypal * PayPal account must be confirmed/verified 100% * All items sold as is * No refunds * Additional photos provided upon request * I reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for any reason. * Scamming/fraud will not be tolerated. Shipping...
  16. Engine & Transmission RSX
    never seen fuel, just mounted has minor scratches on back from mounting (see picture 4) this is for rsx and ep3 so it has efi fitting and no an fittings, only whats pictured-nothing more $100 shipped and paypald in 48 states (1) Hybrid Racing K-Series Fuel Rail (1) 1/8 NPT Fitting (2) -8 ORB...
1-17 of 348 Results