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    Me and my friend decided to take pictures of our car after our football game.My lip will be painted by this weekend.
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    Hey guys just picked up my 2002 RSX type-s a few days ago and decided to see what up on here. I from Houston Tx. and picked this baby up for 7500 with 12700 miles. It is already modded so I don't get the pleasure of building it myself but here it goes Mods: Arancio Atlas pearl orange Paint...
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    **UPDATE Post #26: Redout Tail lights, Black/Red Interior started, Carrera GT, 911 Turbo Test Drive Video** This is my official thread for my Porsche. I attend exotic meets every now and then and even more in the summer. I will update this thread frequently with new pics not just of my car and...
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    i am selling used lambo hinges that were on my old showcar. I took them off to get some money. Selling them for $500 OBO fits on any car, the shocks on the hinges are good. Takes around an hour to install both hinges on both sides. Will ship on buyers expense. Or i am also looking for some black...
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    Enjoy :thumbsup: New pics pg.8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16 Exterior: Buddy Club hood Aspec front lip Aspec side lip Mugen rep rear lip JDM window visors 05-07 JDM tail lights 17x8+35 Desmond Regamasters Tires 225/45/17 Project Kicks lugs Revo version 02-04 Taillight rewire Apollo shroud retrofit...
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    UPDATED belowwwww & small price change! Contact Information [email protected] Year 2007 Make and model Lexus IS250 VIN Upon Request Mileage 69,00X Transmission type 6 Speed Manual Title status Clean and Clear Texas Asking price 19000 OBO Modifications Yes...
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    Whats up all... Okay So here it is I bought this Acura Type S A-Spec about a year ago from the states (Texas Car) it was involved in an accident whole front was gone was wriiten off so i got it as a deal ! Shipped the Car to dubai and started my new project i also own a 04 WRX STI but have...
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    Hmm, idk if this is the right thread(maybe general would have been better). Anyways, I was wondering how people feel about lambo doors on an RSX type S. My roommate brought it up so I google'd it and found one. I personally think it looks kinda cool. Would anyone here ever do it to their...
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    New Pics page 2!!!! may 6 2011 Took a stroll though the other day
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    This kit is brand new in the box, only taken out to take the pictures. I bought this kit from verticaldoors, the reason im selling it is because I sold the car before I could put them on. I have no use for them now. asking $500 free shipping.
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    Here's a little preview, more pics to come later. It's been a long, hard road, and I still have way more mods to do! PS This is an 02 model, bought way back in 01. Big thanks to My lovely GF Joyce and her spot on critiques and opinions of my choices. When we first met my car was white...
  14. Problems & Solutions RSX
    My passenger side window rolls up like lambo doors its very crazy! it starts out rolling up fine then all of a sudden one side starts to pop out of the door. Its hard to really put it in words and only happens every now and then. any advice on what could cause this? Thanks
  15. General Discussion EP3 watch the vid in the link....:run:
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    This was a photoshoot i did today with my car and one of my friends lambo. Hope you guys anjoy the pics. My car Mine and the Lambo Now the Sexy ass Lambo One more teaser pic well hope you guys liked the pics
  17. DC Metro
    Guys- Most of you here know the work I do and the quality I put out. I have a 2009 LP560 Lambo next week on Tuesday the 27th. If the weather is crappy, we are scheduled for Thursday the 29th. Basically what I'm looking for is someone who has some excellent photo skills. I am decent but I want...
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    Here's a few pics from last summers Lambo show in Naperville IL. All of these vehicles are privately owned and within a 2 hour drive on average from the show location. More to come.
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    You know the rules
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