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  1. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Text me ASAP if anyone is selling a set !! 201-406-3953
  2. Northern Cali
    .:CHAPTER 9:. members names: S/N- real name: Jamdc5- James SoloTypeS- Eric 04_k20a2- Chalae Chuckie02RsxS- Cha 20secA3- Phong Ukinayo_DC5- Lou 1fastk- Josh 05_VBP- Isaac !!!K20_I-VTEK!!!- Jose Alex_04Dc5- Alex levelone02- Kevin tbird- T jyang225- Josh 8ur civic- Tony xamznaznx- Ben...
  3. Florida
    On June 20th Thumbs Up will have their first meet at the Fountain Square Plaza. This meet welcomes all types of cars from Euros, Imports, & Americans. The meet will start at 12p.m. In this plaza they offer 3 foods and drinks. 1. They have Chiptole if you get hungry. 2. Is Starbucks if you need a...
  4. Member Show-Off RSX
    Just thought I would share some photos from my farewell photoshoot with my American friends ;) I finally said goodbye to my car after literally driving her brand-spankingly new out of Honda's showroom floor 1,335 days ago. It's been a long journey, with lots of time, money and care put towards...
1-7 of 28 Results