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  1. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I've been reading around and can't seem to figure out what the general opinion is on this. I'm doing a couple maintenance things on my 06 base, and I'm wondering if I should be using anti-seize on these spark plugs? I do know they've got the Trivalent metal plating, so it's supposed to be...
  2. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Does anyone know or have a good radar/laser detector that you can recommend to buy?
  3. Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    Moderator delete. found thread in a different title.
  4. Engine & Transmission RSX
    Hey guys, up for sale is a set (4) of brand new laser iridiums, bought these for my car and sold it before I had a chance to put them in. Brand new. Will sell for 40 shipped. Was going to put them in an 05 type s, fyi. PM or email to [email protected]
  5. All Motor RSX
    I'm about to replace my spark plugs and I want to know the difference between the NGK Iridium & NGK Laser Iridium? I know both have a cold rating of 7 which is what I'm looking for. They are also both obviously iridium, and are both resistor style plugs. Is it that the Laser Iridium is a OEM...
  6. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    Up for grab is my PASSPORT 9500ix laser detector they retail about $450+ first one with $400 can get it brand new just opened it once to see what was in there txt 717-856-1021
  7. Northern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    Used for about a month, decided it didn't suit my needs (I need photo-quality prints), but is perfect for everyday or business printing. Ink is about 80% I would say Purchased for $300 delivered Asking $240 OBO Detailed item info Product Information The high resolution document printed by...
  8. Everything Else
    selling my air max 90 infrared, laser blue and air max command that i hardly wore. I bought them earlier this year. after realizing i dont wear them as often as i thought, i guess ill get rid of them as much as i like these shoes. i know ill regret this sale when i get the itch later on. very...
  9. ..

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
  10. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    its time to change my oem spark plugs and i dont know witch to buy from the store. Its either the laser iridium IFR7G-11Ks or the IX iridium BKR7EIX-11, not sure witch would better suit my bolt on setup. I have cai/RH/EX. Also the laser is more expansive at 49$ and the IX iridium plugs are at 35$.
  11. Engine & Transmission RSX
  12. Engine & Transmission RSX
    I have set off used spark plugs for sale?? Was on my car for only 50 miles. When I find out that it was not for type s. I took it out. Its for RSX base 02-06. asking for $40 plus shipping and paypal fees.
  13. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
1-15 of 44 Results