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  1. Bolt-On Basics: RSX Type-S
    California has been hit once again with a new law regarding exhaust modifications. This time, however, there are no longer any fix it tickets without a fine. That is now long gone! It is a flat $1000 fine. The law is so vague and enforcement of it has yet to be determined. I will cut/paste...
  2. Hawaii Because of this new law I may have to consider selling my rsx. I like the way my car sits and I really don't wanna mount my front license plate just so I can pass recon.
  3. Interior Mods RSX
    I am just wondering what thw law has to say about such things? I been told if I replace my airbag steering wheel with none airbag steering wheel that the car wont pass inspection and may be illegal. I live in maine. Anyone familar with the laws regarding this?
  4. Mid West
    I have been waiting for the verdict on this appellate court case: Sudip Ray vs. City of Chicago. I'm sad to inform that the current tint law in Chicago (no tint allowed on the front windows) is here to stay.
  5. General RSX Discussion
    i bought my 06 base rsx from a dealership and the car that was advertised was not the car that they sold me.... the rsx i bought had been lowered, the struts and shocks are blown, tiny holes in the tailights that were caulked over, front headlight is fogging, theres a huge dent in my muffler...
  6. Member Show-Off RSX
    Hello fellow crsxers! Fairly new member here and thought I would throw up some pics of what I have done to my ride so far. Some of you may have seen a few pics of my ride stock when I first got it in the new member thread. Anyway, I picked up this 04 pwp type-s about 6 months ago. Just...
  7. North East
    I bought a used car from a dealer in NJ on saturday. less than 24 hours later the shifter cable snapped. Am i protected?
  8. Mid West
  9. Mid Atlantic
    A buddy of mine posted this up on facebook and I figured it might be worth a repost up here. It's to try to get the front plate law taken away. Hopefully something could come out of it. Sign it and pass it on to other forums/friends, and wherever it might get more sigs.:thumbsup...
  10. Canada East
    Second judge rules Ontario's street racing law unconstitutional TORONTO -- A second judge in Ontario has ruled that the province’s stunt driving law is unconstitutional, which could increase the pressure on police to stop laying the charge until the issue is decided by a higher court. Justice...
  11. Mid West
  12. Canada East
  13. Canada East
    As if a "normal" ticket isn't enough of a pain in the ass, this idiot has caused a bunch of people a whole lot of shit. If this isn't evidence that the whole street racing law needs to go, I dont know what is.
1-13 of 53 Results