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  1. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    wtb vinyl h over lay for rsx airbag
  2. Car Audio & Security EP3
    Hey, I'm considering replacing my deck (previous owner put in a Pio deck) with a Kenwood that has bluetooth, iPod/usb, and aux-in. The bluetooth connectivity has a mic, where's the best place to lay the wire and mount it? And how do I lay the usb/aux-in wire to go in the cubby between the...
  3. Lighting RSX
    About 2 weeks ago a ordered and payed for a set of the red over lays to go over the orange on my tail lights from the guy on here that was selling them. i have yet to get them in the mail just seeing if anyone could help me out with some info to get in contact with him. Thanks
  4. Florida
    Hey Guys, Just to give you some heads up on CFRC...... They are starting to clean up all the little problems they had in the past. New layouts, NEW Pavement, and so much more!! They have a couple of new things coming up, 1/8th mile, 1 mile track, Dual Solo; and now Drifting. For those of you...