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  1. Learning Experience A Lot of Questions for going Turbo

    Turbo RSX
    Ive had a change of heart and have a lot of questions. I am looking to turbo a RSX Type S 05-06. I want to do all the work myself because it simply feels better lol. BUILT NOT BOUGHT!!!! Aside from buying a turbo kit i would like to know what options i can go with when i need to tune the...
  2. Base *CHAT* Kpro, Drag, Subs, Physics while learning your ABC's. Base POWAAA

    Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
  3. 2011 SCCA Chicago Region Learning Curve Solo School (April 2nd and 3rd)

    Mid West
    As an FYI, registration for SCCA Chicago Region 2011 Learning Curve (auto-x school) is currently open. Hopefully the weather will be warm by next month and some of you will join for two days of car-related fun and instruction. This is a great way to get into auto-x, but also a really good way...
  4. learning how to paint **UPDATE** 02/06/11

    The DIY Garage RSX
    im not sure if this should go in the DIY or i've decided to learn how to paint to save on those expensive shop estimates. i've recently got mugen sideskirts and mugen rear lip from a member on here and it's just been sitting in my living room (no room in the garage) gathering dust...
  5. learning how to paint.

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Moved to diy garage.
  6. Learning Java?

    Computer Tech
    I want to learn Java. And more specifically, I want to learn Java by using Eclipse to program for Android phones. This will just be a hobby. I realize this isn't going to happen in one week, but it's something I've been interested in for a long time now (and just recently thought about trying my...
  7. 03 type s - a day of learning

    Member Show-Off RSX
    spent a day learning to use my rebel xsi here are the picture mods: fujita SRI DCRH stock exhaust ESMM lowering it next weekend gonna take some pictures then too:thumbsup:
  8. 2009 SCCA-Chicago Region Learning Curve Solo School (April 4th and 5th)

    Mid West
    In case you're tired of the crappy weather we've been having lately and can't wait to get to drive your car (and get good at it!)... Registration for SCCA-Chicago Region 2009 Learning Curve (auto-x school) is currently open. "A fun, inexpensive and safe way of testing your driving ability and...
  9. Learning how to block the plate...

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    Parts of this video crack me up.. Just thought I'd share.
  10. learning how to race. . .

    Auto X & Road Racing
    i've read somewhere that its bad to start learning how to drive fast with a 4wd or awd car because there is so much grip. what do you guys think?
  11. learning how to ride

    Motorcycles :noes:
  12. Thinking about learning to code need suggestions on language to learn.

    Computer Tech
    Never been a big coder but I am wanting to learn anybody have a suggestion on a easy to learn but good language to learn? C++, C# ect..?
  13. *NOOBS* Learning to DETAIL. PLEASE READ

    Car Care RSX
    There has been so many threads on what people need to detail their cars and what products to use. So I figured I would make something a little easier for people to read off so we don't get pointless threads time after time. Things you will need to PROPERLY detail your car. A PC (Porter Cable...
  14. 2008 SCCA-Chicago Region Learning Curve Auto-x School

    Mid West
    Registration for SCCA-Chicago Region 2008 Learning Curve (auto-x school) is currently open. "A fun, inexpensive, safe way of testing your driving ability and car performance. Solo events are a form of automotive competition in which one car at a time negotiates a prescribed course in the...
  15. Learning how to swim via book, good idea?

    The Sports Bar & Fitness Club
    I am looking to start swimming since my knees aint what they used to be. anyways i am looking to learn how to swim. thoughts?
  16. Any good places for a complete noob to start learning?

    Car Audio, Security, & Electronics RSX
    I am the noob of all noobs and am looking for a place to get my foot in the door as far as theory goes (why do we stick subwoofers in a box, differences in types of speakers, etc.) my current setup - completely stock with a blitzsafe ipod adapter (i have a base, so it plugs into the stock h.u...
  17. Further Learning

    Hey guys as a newbie photog, I was wondering, for all you successful photogs out there (especially the guys that do model photography)that uses post processing in Photoshop, Did you guys play around with it? or did you learn some from books and tutorials? Learning on your own is good, but a...
  18. In-Car video + MaxQData + TrackVision = good learning video

    Auto X & Road Racing
    Boy what a weekend it's been. Finally got my 4-pt rollbar installed (Thanks to Highrev and JPSlick for helping me out) along with my IOPortRacing camera mount so I was finally able to record in-car video again. Since I have MaxQData as my data logger, I found this cool software called...
  19. Learning to Downshift for Noobs??

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I recently bought an 04 type-s with 38k and am loving it! It is my first car learning stick shift on. Ive driven stick before on my dads 4speed 67 Camaro but thats a whole other world. Ive been praticing in residentail streets and my upshifts are pretty smooth, Tonight im going to an elemtanary...
  20. Learning Curve Driving School for Autocross

    Auto X & Road Racing
    The Chicago region SCCA hosts a drivers school on Aprill 1rst & 2nd at Route 66 in Joliet. Go to for more info. $100 for 2 days of instruction and there is only 2 -3 students per instructor so you get tons of time. Its a Saturday & Sunday...