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    Since Honda has shelved plans to build the next-generation Honda / Acura NSX, there are only two supercar kings that are currently fighting for the right to lead in Japan – the Lexus LFA and the Nissan GT-R. So what happens when you bring both to a drag race? The folks over at Motor Trend...
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    Link: I just ordered 2. What a bargain!
  6. General Discussion EP3 yet another car I will never be able to buy.......:shakehead:run:
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    From Autoblog: The Tokyo Motor Show countdown continues with yet another round of Lexus LF-A leakage courtesy of OmniAuto. Check out the gallery below to get up close and personal with the official shots of the LF-A before we bring you live impressions from the floor. But before you do, get a...
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    No its not sold yet
  11. Auto Talk I don't care if it a supercar from lexus, but I will not spend 200k on a toyota just like many will not spend 90k for a honda. to put the price tag in persepctive: Lambo Gallardo: 186,250, the spyder cost close to 222,800 (maybe...
  12. Auto Talk It'll rape your family
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    The king is dead, long live the king! Lexus’ long-awaited LF-A has unofficially smashed the lap record at Germany’s Nürburgring, with a time of seven minutes, 24 seconds. That beats Porsche’s new GT2 by a second and makes the Lexus the King of the ’Ring. Company insiders have revealed that a...
1-13 of 22 Results