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  1. DC5 Type R Rims w/ Acura Logo?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hi everyone, You'll have to forgive me for creating this thread but I can't find anything online about this. Is it possible to swap the Honda center caps on the type r rims with Acura center caps? Thanks :)
  2. Help me pick a logo

    For those who have seen my photography, you all know what I specialize in. Bold, bright, vibrant and unique scenes of New York City. From the moment my wife gave me my first DSLR 6 years ago I knew it would eventually take me places. My business has started to grow and I now shoot a number of...
  3. K-Tuned Billet Logo Plate

    K-Tuned Billet Logo Plate The K-Tuned Billet Logo Plate was designed as an add-on to our very popular Coil Pack Cover. The plate is constructed entirely of billet aluminum and will give your coil cover a more detailed look. It measures 4” long by 1” wide and features our company name and our...
  4. Black valve cover w/ red honda motors logo

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Purchased valve cover a while ago from crsx user (forgot name) but going a different route selling for $80 text if interested 2529045185
  5. close!

    Want To Buy or Trade RSX
  6. Type S logo key chain - one of a kind!

    Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    up for sale is a key chain it is plated in silver i am asking 25$ picked up bought it from a friend and never got around to using it
  7. Logo Request

    Hello Photoshop gurus. I will be buying a dental practice soon and need a cool looking logo for the business. Here's what i'm thinking, my last name starts with a "G" so if I could get a tooth shaped Logo that looks like a G that would be cool. I'm open to any other suggestions, but If I end...
  8. Wtb: grill with JDM logo and si

    Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Want OEM grill with red JDM badge. Cheap as possible.
  9. Hondata vector logo

    ECU Tuning RSX
    I don't know if this is the right section for this, but i figured the members in this section may be the ones interested in this...but anyways I was looking for a vector Hondata logo and couldn't find one. So i decided to make my own. I've attached it in .pdf format but if fully editable in any...
  10. Working on a new logo if anyone can help

    Computer Tech
    I started a car page for all my photoshoots and event coverage and I have a really simple logo right now I did just to watermark my pics so recently I been working on a new one and this is what I got right now its not bad but looks a little weird on...
  11. radio acura logo erase?

    Interior Mods RSX
    so im trying to debadge my whole car. one of the last couple things i have left is the "ACURA" on the radio.. i dont want to buy a whole new radio just for that. i already looked and putting one in with the bose system is a b... my question is : is there a way to get rid of the "ACURA" on...
  12. wtb: rear bumper light/red front & rear honda logo

    Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Well my baby keeps getting singed up in the parking lot I came out and someone busted my left rear bumper light and I need one if possible I would like to convert all 4 to clear if someone has them if not oem will do fine.. I would also like to change to red front and rear honda logos. I am In...
  13. Red or Yellow acura logo

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hi, i shearch a yellow or a red acura tail badge and a front grill type s badge. if you know a website that sell some of them or just tell me where can i buy some acura badge i live in quebec. ty
  14. Honda Key with Red Logo but no alarm part?

    Interior Mods RSX
    I've searched around but I've only seen people with the keyfob and key together with the red honda back plate. Is there just the key itself with a red honda logo? I have an aftermarket alarm so having the keyfob one will be kinda useless. I think i saw someone with an old accord key with a red...
  15. sold

    Everything Else
  16. FS: Rare Original Vtg 1995 Jacksonville Jaguars Snapback Hat w/ old logo

    Everything Else
    Vintage 1995 Jaguars snapback hat Brand new with authentic NFL logo from '95 Selling for 40 shipped i have about 10 left
  17. Toyota Scion FT-86 G-Sport Concept Car debut at 2010 Australian Motor Show

    Auto Talk
    pics from Turbo FT-86 by Toyota's Gazoo division. Really hope this thing comes as a Toyota and not a SCION. source
  18. Need help on making a logo

    So like the title states need some help on designing a logo but having some trouble putting it all together in Photoshop i want the picture below the big W with 88 werks inside of it to maybe be a big W and 88 around the big W with 88 werks in small letters inside of it just how it looks in the...
  19. i need help designing a logo

    the font will be aachen and have the maryland flag laid in the background of the letters. if somebody is good with ps here and can help me with making it happen let me know ill throw some $ your way.
  20. WTB: Red floor mats with type s logo

    Exterior & Interior RSX
    Looking for red floor mats with the type s logo. not the type r. if anyone has any for sale or knows a site where i can get them. hit me up. thanks