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  1. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    I ordered the wrong bulb size for my RSX because I have aftermarket headlights. So I had to re-order. No big deal - got an RMA from XenonPro. BUT -- shipping back via FedEx to Canada, costs me $97.00!!! Discounted on sale, they cost $139. I will sell for $100 including shipping to the...
  2. Vendor Deals
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  3. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey everyone, hope you guys are doing well. (05 rsx) Long time lurker and I have a few questions regarding my headlights. Pretty much I've replaced my passenger side with Sylvania H1 bulbs about 3 times in the past 9~10 months. I know they are pretty bad quality and It wastes money but I've had...
  4. Problems & Solutions RSX
    created a thread for member, provide some help if you guys can. thanks
  5. Problems & Solutions RSX
    Driver side low beam intermittently won't come on when starting my car (03, USA spec) after sitting. Never had HID's or anything done to harness. I'll run through what I've tried and what I've found: Headlight fuses (R/H, L/H) are OK. Bulbs are fine (swapped, problem persists driver side)...
  6. Lighting RSX
    Got an 02 rsx premium last week, have hids coming next week. My drivers side lowbeam is pointed very high and to the left a bit (looking from the drivers seat). I played around with the adjustment screw slot but it wouldn't adjust very much. I did get to raise my passenger side lowbeam a bit...
  7. Lighting RSX
    Does anyone have this setup? I saw this yesterday driving down at night and wow I have never seen anything so bright down the road. Is it even legal?
  8. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    This is what I need, anyone have one for sale or know where I can find one? Thanks.
  9. Problems & Solutions RSX
    when we flash our high beams is this supposed flash our low beams a long with it? this is something i just noticed when i was installing my hids and had my multimeter hooked up. the lowbeams receive 12 volts along with the highbeams. i never really paid much attention to it before. if this is...
  10. Motorcycles
    hey guys its me again.. I need help in wiring up my high beam . b/c some where along the line my wire burned. I still want to use my oem switch. Those wires are still good . BTW i have a wiring diagram but still cant figure it out???:confused: :confused: Edit" my HIGH beam is the problem not...
  11. Problems & Solutions RSX
    wow, replacing the fuckin bulb on this car is rediculous. anyway, the stupid metal that has to hold the bulb in place came right off. Its held on by a screw and its redic just trying to get in there. any ideas on how to put this shit back on
  12. Problems & Solutions RSX
    one of my friends broke the clip the hook on the low beam headlight is there anyway i can just replace that or do i have to get a whole new headlight also if i get hids do i need that clip or is there a way i can keep the bulb unit in?
  13. Problems & Solutions RSX
    i just got some replica oem fog lights and was wondering how u wire them so it can turn on without lowbeam or the parking lights just on when i push the foglight button...??? thank you ahead of time..
  14. Exterior Mods RSX
    Could somebody tell me if the highbeam and lowbeams use the same type of lightbulb. I bought one at the dealer, who had none in stock. I wanted a lowbeam bulb, but he gave me a highbeam bulb from the showroom car.
1-14 of 15 Results