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  1. Lighting RSX
    does anyone have the socket and pigtail for the oem clear side markers? if anyone knows the part number as well that would be great.
  2. Lighting RSX
    Greetings! I need some help identifying this electrical part so I can repair it. Thanks!
  3. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    I'm looking to buy marker lights for the front and rear bumper. Please contact me at [email protected] thank you
  4. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    *****SOLD*****Side Marker Wiring (Both Sides) - $20 Shipped OBO*****SOLD***** This is the wiring that JDM Land/ICB Motorsports offers on their website for the DC5 side markers. I recently installed side markers but used a genuine Honda harness so I didn't end up using these. The connector is...
  5. Southern California For Sale: Local Pick-Up
    40 $ obo posting for a friend, text him 1626 618 3480
  6. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Preferably only the right side but if both at a good price ill consider. Price shipped to 78589
  7. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    looking for the harness and bulb for both sides will pay for shipping. thanks
  8. Lighting RSX
    Ok, I have a question about the rear side marker on an '06 RSX. I know that the bulb size is 194/168 and the length of that bulb is 1.06in. I'm converting all my lights to LED's and I'm going with the PlaZma LED's for the exterior which measure 1.7in. My question: Will a 1.7in length bulb fit...
  9. Lighting RSX
    does anyone else have an issue where their sidemarker light doesnt come on sometimes? it happens on both of my headlights and im not sure whats wrong. I guess possibly the wiring? if anyone knows how to fix this, the help would be much appreciated
  10. Lighting RSX
    Hey guys, I've spent the last hour searching crsx and google on what bulbs these are, and found multiple different answers. If anyone could link me to where I can find these bulbs I'd appreciate it, I'd like to be able to drive at night again without worrying about getting pulled over. Thanks
  11. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    looking for a set of clear side markers for 02 rsx with wiring pm me price thnx!
  12. Want to Buy or Trade EP3
    Hey guys, trying to find a clean Set of red rear bumper lights housing.
  13. Lighting RSX
    So right now im runnin 4000k HIDs yellow fogs and I have no bulb in my high beam marker light.. What does everyone do w/ these bulbs??
  14. Exterior & Interior EP3
    hi dogs im looking for those 2 red lights for my rear bumper. let me know if somebody have it, paypal payment. thank you
  15. Part Outs EP3
    Hi, Looking for: - an amber / orange front bumper light with socket and at least a few inches of wire. - I could also use one clear fender mounted signal light if you have one.. Must be willing to ship to Canada. Thanks!!!
  16. Problems & Solutions RSX
    I THINK these should fit the rear side marker right?
  17. Exterior & Interior EP3
    Looking for these for my 03 EP3. I could really use the bulb holder and a few inches of wire with the bumper lamp.. Must be willing to ship to Canada.. Thanks!
  18. The DIY Garage EP3
    I know what wires to use but I'm not too savy when it comes to connecting things. Could anybody do me a huge favor and show me where and how you connected, cut or removed the wires to make them stay on and blink... Other posts just say what to connect but don't show how :/ thanks!
1-18 of 115 Results