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  1. K24/20 timing chain marks

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys. K24a2 block with z1 head. K24 chain and guides. After I set the chain links on the correct marks and rotate the engine, the marks never line up again. Every two cycles the marks line up at the cams(lines not dots) and the crank mark is at tdc. I thought every four rotations the links...
  2. Eyeball TDC marks?

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    Hey guys i've read a couple of DIY's on the valve adjustment. Putting cylinder 1 in TDC is easy b/c you have to align the TDC marks on the exaust camshaft sproket with the ones on the VTC actuator. However for the other cylinders t i dont have any reference marks on the block to know exactly...
  3. How to remove swirl marks?

    Car Care RSX
    Whats up CRSX Ive been lurking on the car care sub forum for a while now, so I feel slightly prepared to detail my car for the first time over the summer. But before I go out and buy supplies I wanna know what you feel the best compound / polish/ whatever you use to get rid of swirl marks is...
  4. Hand prints/water marks(?) on carbon fiber hood

    Car Care RSX
    So I had a paint shop do a new clear coat on my carbon fiber hood. Why? the old clear coat was cracking, ya, but the main reason was because at certain angles you could see a hand print right in the center of the hood. I got the hood back with even more hand prints stuck on it. I'm assuming...
  5. spring color code marks ?? help

    Suspension & Brakes EP3
    ok, does anyone know what the factory spring color codes are for the 02-03 or if the same as 04-05 fronts and backs. thanks
  6. Really fine swirl marks after restoring headlight. help with recommendations

    Car Care RSX
    I've used the 3m headlight restoration kit and it's left me with really fine swirl marks that I just can't get rid of. I've used up all of the included 3m polish, gone at it with the foam pad and meguiar's plastx and my headlight is still smothered in circular swirl marks. After some...
  7. TDC marks on cams are not alligned

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    I am replacing a noisy chain tensioner on my girlfreinds car. Crank case cover is off and chain, guides, tensioner have been removed. I dont know what happened but now I am trying to set everything at TDC, the marks on the cams are way off. The punch marks are supposed to both be at 12 o'clock...
  8. Water marks in tail lights/tail light flooding

    Problems & Solutions RSX
    So my tail lights flooded and I drained them out as much as I could and threw in the dryer and their almost completely dry (I have a shoe rack so it doesn't fly around). Problem is now there's water spots, any ideas on how to fix it? Originally I was gonna flood them with rubbing alcohol, drain...
  9. What's the best over the counter product to remove swirl marks?

    Car Care RSX
    and can they be removed by hand? how do i know if swirl marks can't be removed?
  10. White Marks on Trim

    Car Care RSX
    I noticed something odd the other day. I recently washed my car with Dawn and did an iso + water wipedown in order to remove NXT. I then applied a new sealant to my paint. After this was all said and done, I noticed that the piece of hard plastic trim running across the top of the windshield...
  11. How to remove stubborn water marks from window

    Car Care RSX
    I'm wondering if anyone see this before. I just purchased a 2004 RSX and finally got around to wash the car. When I closely examined the rear window and moonroof, I've noticed some stubborn water marks. I've tried soap and water, windex, rubbing alcohol, and even claybar, nothing seems to work...
  12. Clearcoat instead of buffer sanding marks

    Car Care RSX
    I have some some really nasty 1500 grit sanding marks on my bumper. I have a shipment of touchup paints from coming and was wondering if some clearcoat would fix the problem instead of using a buffer because I do not own one and do not want to get one just yet (trying to save...
  13. Swirl marks

    Car Care RSX
    Why do I have swirl marks? What causes them? My car has only seen 7000 miles and has been garaged since bought, and has been washed and waxed often. -Is the culprit the buffer I use?(It's an older one that doesn't uses foam pads, but ~10inch 'bonnets') -Is my California car duster causing...
  14. Detailed but still see swirl marks

    Car Care RSX
    okay so I did a detail on my rsx the other day and I pretty satisfied with the outcome and the paint looks 10x better than it did before but I still see slight swirl marks/scratches in the paint, u can only see them at a certain angle of light. I was just wondering if anyone might have an idea...
  15. swirl marks and rock chips; jsakamoto's 5spd

    Member Show-Off RSX
    finally got some nice weather today, snapped a few quick pictures mods are -axis widetrack with nexen rubber -injen cai -20% tint in rear, 35% on the sides -blackout headlights w/ 5000k HID -skunk2 knob let me know what you think
  16. cleaning marks on mugen pedals

    Car Care RSX
    i've used simple green degreaser as many have suggested to clean my disgusting used mugen pedals and that cleared up the mesh part pretty well. Too bad i didnt have a before picture of the pedals. The problem now is that, my first attempt at cleaning the pedals. I used a white cream cleanser...
  17. Swirl Marks!!!! How do i get them out???

    Car Care RSX
    The car is dirty. but if you look right on the body line you can see the swirls on it. Whats the best way for me to remove these swirls??? Help please
  18. Swirl Marks all over

    Car Care RSX
    I have swirl marks all over my 06 nhbp type-s car that apparently cam from a poor buff job. the swirls are not deep into the paint or clearcoat. but are visible when the sun hits the car. HOW CAN I GET THESE SWIRL MARKS OUT?
  19. remove swirl marks

    Car Care RSX
    hello im looking to remove swirl marks from my car.. i have a buffer my question is what pad do i use? please send me a link also i have all this stuff -mirror glaze fine 2 fine cut cleaner (meguiars) -gold class liquid wax (meguiars) -Scratch X fine scratch remover (meguiars) -cleaner wax...
  20. Swirl Marks

    Car Care RSX
    Was just wondering if anyone knows of a way to permenatly remove swirl marks. The owner before me clearly took poor care of this car visually and took it through car washes all the time, as i can clearly see swirl marks here and there after i wash it. Now, I want to get rid of these, and am...