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  1. Swirl scratch marks already

    Car Care RSX
    :firemad: :firemad: Ive been using a very soft wash mit with hand wash. I use Megiares Deep Crystal Car wash detergent with water.... dry with a Sheep SKin Chamoi.... why do I have swirl marks can anyone tell me? somone told me that Synthetic SHeep Skin CHamoi takes off clearcoat thus causing...
  2. Swirl marks on my new type S !?!?!?

    Car Care RSX
    I just got a type s it was delivered to me at night and it was a suprise (so i couldn't say anything while we bought it) but the next day during the daylight I realized that it had a horrible case of swirl marks. I'm planning to go back to the dealer today to bitch and yell. Make them wax that...
  3. OEM Skirt kit shoe marks

    Car Care RSX
    I think a couple of peopel have been lazy getting into my car and I see some black scuff marks now on the side skirt kits now from heels dragging against them. What is the best way to get them out? I tried lightly dragging my nail across it to see if it was simple rubber but I couldn't feel...
  4. Getting Pen Marks Out of Leather?

    Exterior Mods RSX
    Hey all, so I was driving to school and my pen (regular black ballpoint) falls out of my pocket as I'm getting out of the car and leaves 3 pen marks on the leather (tan) portion of my door. Is there any way to remove these? Any help would be appreciated:thumbsup:
  5. Removing Light Swirl Marks

    Car Care RSX
    Does anyone have light swirl marks? If you do what did you use to take if off? I heard Scratch-X my Meguiars is good but havn't tried it yet. Anyone :dontknow:
  6. How to remove existing Swirl Marks??

    Car Care RSX
    well as most of you people out there with a black RSX, u know that after a few washes, the car is full of swirl marks(except for those crazy car washing heads out there.. much props to you).. and whenever you look at it in the sun your eye catches on to them..... so ive been reading a lot of the...
  7. oh no swirl marks already

    Car Care RSX
    Yes they have started to show up quite nicely in the glare. My question is will megiuars or whatever or zaino have any effect on making them disappear? I've only washed the car a handful of times at the do-it-yourself bays and a couple times at the highpressure ones. Also, the temperature here...
  8. burn marks on door

    Car Care RSX
    ok... I have the base model with the felt like material on the side panel of the door (about the arm rest).. I've burned it a few times with a ciggy... anybody know a way of getting rid of the burn marks?
  9. swirl marks

    Car Care RSX
    how the hell you get rid of them? i have one small one where i used scratch out to get a little out and i have a swirl mark! how do i get it out?