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  1. Canada East
    May your day be filled with **** erotic tendencies and backyard style raw dogging boogie nights.
  2. Auto Talk
    I think this is the one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen, and I'm really getting at the color combo. Always loved light blue with a royal blue top. Opinions? and yes if I could get it for 55K I would, but they'll never sell it to me for that much...
  3. Canada East
    Hey guys, Martin's home for the holidays and I would like to invite you all to meet up with us for either Wings this Sunday, December 27th. We're going to be having All Stars for wings at 16th and Woodbine. I say around 7:30 for dinner? Maybe hit up Honest Laywers or D&B for drinks afterwards...
  4. Auto Talk
    :rotfl: :shady: at least a replacement won't cost 20K :shady:
  5. Auto Talk
    since the auto talk section has been as active as Greg Oden as of's a pretty cool article: As of right now I'm not a huge fan. I have always been a fan of Aston's insanely gorgeous body lines and I feel like this car doesn't have them. Too many sharp edges; too many...
  6. DC Metro
    As in my previous thread, I work for Lockheed Martin. My manager is looking to fill jobs in our Reston, VA office. I'm just posting these up to see if anyone is interested. Current open positions looking to be filled: Windows Admins or Windows Systems Engineers (Clearance Preferred) : There...
  7. Auto Talk
    Your welcome! :giggitygiggity::giggitygiggity:
  8. Auto X & Road Racing
    hey whats up, just wondering if any of you all in florida go to the martin events. i went to the one in lakeland this past sunday with my brother (94 supra tt) and his friend (evo viii) and they ran. Im gona run one when i get the chance, i was going to run my car apr 1st with them but i have...
  9. 1/4 Drag Racing RSX
    well i know that there was at least one other member there (infact they told me about the site)... and i know i dont have an RSX... but technicly neither do ANY of you, they are still integras at heart.:laughing: anyways, the hondas were all over the place up there tonight, there was a ZC crx...
1-10 of 19 Results