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  1. Southern Cali
    Hey guys, So I used to host a lot of meets for Clubrsx back in the days when most of us had or still own a RSX. Even though without a RSX, we can still have a good old fashion car meet just like before. Anyone still interested in going to these car meets? I was thinking that we can do a normal...
  2. DC Metro
    Hey everyone! I was wondering if there are any good car meets on the East Coast?
  3. Mid West
    RSlowXS 395 jahong16 236 itskien 223 SilverS-STL 217 G8way 163 FoxFiend34 93 adio3x 83 Silver Knight 80 Tannerb 76 ******** 52 hick08 41 sunnynotcloudy 35 OgLOc 25 GiddyUp02 23 Diode Dynamics 19 AzianK 14 drivelikeyastoleit 11 Vieteccc 10 BlackUncle 9 ADG 7 Jraymond 6 Dad 6 05rsxmgn 6 fenix623 4...
  4. Canada East
    Hey guys, Just wondering if there are any meets in the burlington or oakville area anytime soon, if anyone lives in that area and wants to chill just let me know
  5. West
    A place to meet fellow members. I'm in Tucson!
  6. North East
    Last years opening meet was a huge success and got to meet lots of people! I'm thinking about having the same meet this year on April 19 since that seems like a date that would work with the people I've asked so far. And yes i know its pretty damn early to plan this but last year it was good...
  7. Northern Cali
    New to the forum , wanna go to a meet but never get a chance to , always knew they were all the way out in the south but im located in San leandro ! Lets plan a meet sometime this week!!!
  8. Member Show-Off RSX
    Yo! Livin in the east bay! New to the forum so dont really know where to find meets ! I just know most meets are in so cal :(( pls lemme know if their is a meet comin up in norcal , bay area . Thanks!
  9. General Discussion EP3
    looking for any so cal / ie meets let me know im eager to meet some others eith ep3's:fistbump:
  10. East Coast EP3
    Just to let everyone on here know if you don't know already, we do meets every Wednesday nights in Orlando @ around 7-8pm at Sonic on Semoran Blvd. Anyone in FL come join us one night!!!! There is more info on the website put together for the group under the events tab. Be sure to check it out...
  11. East Coast EP3
    I think it's time that we bring back the orlando EP meets. Most people on here probably don't know me. But we used to have a pretty big group that used to meet up weekly and hang out. If anybody is interested let me know.
  12. East Coast EP3
    I'm new here. I have had my EP3 for about 6 months now and I love it! I want to meet some people and I was going to go to Cars and Coffee but woke up way too late this morning... Lol anyway are there meets that are going on this weekend? I really want to meet new people and have some fun. Only...
  13. Northern Cali
    I used the search I swear! So I just moved to San Jose for school and couldn't find anything about meets going on right now so I thought maybe I could start a new one and maybe make some new friends xD. Not sure about where it could be since I'm not too familiar with San Jose right now but I...
  14. South
    Im moving to charleston soon and was wondering how or if there are ne car meets there or around the area?
  15. Southern Cali
    carmeats. The thread will have all the post for events and info to get added to the Text Onlt Tuesday Meat! instagram - @carmeats Facebook Page - Facebook Group -
  16. Southern Cali
    Instead of cluttering the forum with a new thread, I will just edit the old one and update with new information. For those that showed up for the last meet, thanks for coming. Hope you guys enjoyed the Pizza and Popeyes. This time, my boss, Hao, thought the outcome wasn't as expected so he...
  17. Canada East
    I'm a new member, and was wondering if there's any meets happening in the Toronto GTA area. :pray:
  18. North East
    Wanted to know if theres any meets going on in the north east rea MA, CT , NY , NJ etc. Trying to meet new fellow rsx owners out there and have a good time
1-19 of 257 Results