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  1. Mid West
    AzianK 397 InitialDougie 193 yoon 192 FurY 191 JBamin 186 JR1de57 116 Lauren 95 itskien 79 Chris411 78 theporschephile 73 noTe 49 06RawRsx 47 ditchdigger 40 Rindy 35 Dc5Dp 25 DC5nv 21 TheHills44060 18 overlap king 10 TheRickster 8 by_tsx 4 heresnowhy 3 4dragonfruits 1
  2. Mid West
    I've got nothing for a clever title so you guys figure one out and i'll edit lol Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,854 User Name Posts yoon 348 FurY 333 InitialDougie 179 theporschephile 165 AzianK 103 Chris411 82 DC5nv 72 JBamin 70 fightthisfight 60 TheHills44060 50 rileyra 45 Extra...
  3. Member Show-Off RSX
    aka ep3 =] 140k miles and going strong k's ftw. :D gotten new wheels a while back but never had a chance to snap any shots of it le28n's
  4. RSX vs. All
    Anyone who lives in LA knows you don't mess with the crazy mom's in their old, broken down minivans. It's just a fact - they will leave you in the dust and they don't care who they have to kill to do it. That said, I'd love to see an extremely modded out/turbocharged RSX up against a family...
  5. Member Show-Off EP3
    05 NHBP Stock Motor K20A3 Work Emotion XD9 17x7.5 +42 OFFSET Bronze (Tiresize: 225/45/17) Megan Racing Lowering Springs Mugen Wing Replica Removed i-VTEC DOHC Sticker Aftermarket Knob Shift Just hit 40k mileages (4yrs or 113k milesage warranty live!)
  6. Auto Talk Looks very Honda-ish from the front end and very bland from the rear. Those numbers on them engines don't sound too impressive either.
  7. Member Show-Off RSX
    i thought i will make a thread for my minivan. enjoy i was fuckin ricer now. my plastic 1/24 model project :P
  8. Member Show-Off RSX
    i'm new to the site. and i don't have a dc5 so i guess that's 2 strikes against me. hopefully i can redeem myself. Here's my ride: 2005 Honda Civic Si mods: Engine: AEM Cold Air Intake Tanabe Super Medalion Hyper Cat Back Exhaust Buddy Club Short Shift Corsports Aluminum Shifter Cable bushings...
  9. Supercharging RSX
    I just ran across a site that had a Toyota Estima. JDM/Euro name for the Previa. One day I'd like to see a minivan whinning down the higway. hehehe too bad the supercharged output is only 160hp. gotta swap a smaller pulley on hehe.
  10. Bolt-On Basics: RSX (Base)
    Alright so I was at a red light at 4:50am, was running late for work so I was haulin ass the whole way. I was in the passing/merging lane and when the light turned green, the old ass minivan just floored it so I couldn't merge. Well, I gunned it I passed him barely and got in front of him and...
1-10 of 10 Results