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  1. Mid West
    Post count from last chat: Kevink121 393 Ransom 375 jamesl85 270 Sage0021 262 korney 197 sinzdc5 179 dc2kid 49 F_IT 46 ekhonda87 26 saytim 18 KrazyKarl 13 itskien 10 ohyeahitskham 4 silverpikachu 4 EDU 3 mikehelker 2 rellikdc5 2 Agent Smith 1 Last chat...
  2. Mid West
    Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,880 User Name Posts Ransom 451 Kevink121 350 Sage0021 293 sinzdc5 218 jamesl85 208 korney 187 dc2kid 66 itskien 45 KrazyKarl 30 F_IT 17 ekhonda87 7 EDU 3 Rus1an 2 ohyeahitskham 1 mikehelker 1 silverpikachu 1
  3. New Member Introduction RSX
    Hey Everyone, Just picked up an 03 RSX Type S over the weekend. The owner had it in pretty bad shape. The interior had crap all over it. Car hasn't been washed for like over a year, and a cheap tube was used as an intake with a sock as a filter, and none of the sensors were correctly in...
  4. Mid West
    Hey there Minnesotians, I was wondering if there is any auto body paint shop that you guys would recommend. A buddy of mines said I should go Maaco and do their platinum paint deal. I heard nothing but bad things about Maaco but again my buddy said the paint job will be pricey but very good. I...
  5. Mid West
    Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,844 User Name Posts Ransom 396 Sage0021 342 jamesl85 321 Kevink121 315 korney 224 sinzdc5 84 dc2kid 47 KrazyKarl 19 F_IT 15 AzianK 13 vang004 13 astoesz 12 ihazvtak 8 '06Siguy 8 TGTS2000 4 715-DC5 4 Guparasti 4 ashinsky 3 NightHawk5 3 B.DatThang.V 3...
  6. Mid West
    Minnesota *chat* Kev is jelly of the whine-Congrats Mr. & Mrs. NSX-Kor's da parts man Bigger longer and uncut Kevin is jelly of the whine, Kor's da parts man, Dariy is having track wet dreams, Sin is an undercover special agent, James' is Mr. GTM, and Congrats Mr. & Mrs. NSX....and I'm over...
  7. Mid West
    2 Months for the last chat start to finish. Good work people :thumbsup: Who Posted? Total Posts: 1,848 User Name Posts Sage0021 394 Kevink121 392 korney 259 sinzdc5 162 jamesl85 159 Ransom 129 KrazyKarl 108 dc2kid 87 rellikdc5 32 vang004 25 ohyeahitskham 20 JW_RSX 19...
  8. Mid West
    :idgaf: First MOFOS!!!! Lets start this early! Looks like I'm the post whore of the last thread. korney 390 Kevink121 357 Sage0021 292 sinzdc5 276 jamesl85 151 vang004 62 KrazyKarl 46 ekhonda87 45 rellikdc5 38 ohyeahitskham 37 astoesz 28 TGTS2000 19 EDU 16...
  9. Mid West
    When: Sunday, August 5th 1PM Where: Powder Keg Coatings 2275 McKnight Rd N #8 St Paul, MN 55109 What: Get together, possible cruise after. We'll have a grill here to BBQ so please bring whatever you'd like to grill. You can also bring chips/pop/water etc. to share. Feel free to bring any fold...
  10. Car Audio & Electronics RSX
    i have a brand new kpro only try it once and still have the box and everything ...i want 1000 email, call or text....6124194571
  11. Want To Buy or Trade RSX
    i have a kpro forsale for 1000 brand new only use or call or text at 6124194571
  12. Vehicles For Sale RSX
1-19 of 48 Results